This is one of many ways you can connect your xbox 360 to your pc monitor.Using cables you all ready have or can get at radio shack.

Step 1: Tools Needed

In this Instructable your going to need a flat head screwdriver,electrical tape,standard Xbox 360 video cord,HDMI to DVI cord, Audio y-split. 

Step 2:

Slowly pry at the seem it doesn't take much pressure. Then tape it up tightly with electrical tape.

Step 3: Audio

There are two ways to get audio plug in head phones to the  Y-split or plug in an aux to aux to your computer speakers to the Y-split jack.

Step 4: Plugin It In

Just hook it up like so and play!
<p>What's the point of fixing the standard video cable? Couldn't you just plug in the hdmi to DVA and use that?</p>
Have you tried the sound without the colour sound cords?
Open the cord is useless you know -_-?

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