Connecting and Transferring Files From Your DS Via FTP.





Introduction: Connecting and Transferring Files From Your DS Via FTP.

Thanks to Kevind23 for hookin' me up with the link to this.

What We're Doing:
Using a flashcart to run DSFTP, a homebrew FTP server (File Transfer Protocol), so then we can transfer the files wirelessly through a program on the computer. It means we don't need to keep removing micro/mini/whateverSD cards.

I take no responsibility for the injury, damage jadajada jada. Pretty much if you break your DS or any other objects it's not my responsibility and stuff.

Step 1: What You'll Need

What You'll Need:
- Nintendo DS
- A Flashcart* with the supported memory card.
- A wireless router

- An FTP client, I recommend FileZilla because it's open source.

*Don't know where to buy a flashcart? Don't know what the hell they are? Read my other instructable explaining them.

Still confused what FTP is? Read!

Step 2: Installation

1. Extract the contents of the DSFTP zip file to your memory card.
2. Create the following new folders: root/data/settings/ and root/data/logs/
3. Download the attached file "ftp.conf" and place in the "/settings" folder.
4. Create a blank file called "ftp.log" as seen in picture 1 and place it in the "/log" folder. Ensure that "Save as type" is set to All Files.
5. Remove your memory card and insert back into your DS.

1. Download the appropriate client for your computer.
2. Follow the directions for installation and then run the program.

Step 3: Using

Once FileZilla and DSFTP are both fired up. Look at the bottom of your DS's top screen, there will be "IP" then some numbers, the DS' IP address. Type this into "Host" in FileZilla (FZ) and remember the username and password we set before and type that into the username and password fields (duh).

Look on both the DS screen and FZ, you'll see some words popping up everywhere, give it a second and then you'll see a file listing of the memory card on your DS. From here use is pretty simple, Drag stuff from the left side (your computer) to the right (your memory card) and visa versa.

Again, any questions, I'll answer.



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    Dang, I came here thinking it was flashcart-less & homebrew-less :P

    I have heard of methods of using an ftp server as a minecraft server. Would this work for it?

     The download gives me some .tmp file

    You can still open it. Try renaming it to a .conf. For some reason Instructables has always done this.

    got it, thanks btw, how do you boot files with this?

     when did we set the Username and password!?? please e-mail help to


    on my ds it says
    FTP conn 2 from *IP address*
    closing control connection 2

    and on filzilla
    Protocol error: Unknown protocol identifier (0x50 0x50 0x48). Most likely connected to the wrong port.
    even though i know i have the right port, any advice?

    HOW do i get my username and password please mail to with the subject DSFTP any help will be appreciated

    every time i tried to connecto to its ip with port 21 and correct password i get this repeated message FileZilla Server version 0.9.27 beta Copyright 2001-2006 by Tim Kosse ( Connecting to server... Connected, waiting for authentication Protocol error: Unknown protocol identifier (0x50 0x50 0x48). Most likely connected to the wrong port. Connection to server closed. and i can't tell whats wrong

    Many routers have built in firewalls that could be causing the problem. Would work best on just a regular access point rather than a wireless router. Try to see if your router blocks that port or protocol and forward it or disable the protection.