Connectorod - a K'Nex Fortress





Introduction: Connectorod - a K'Nex Fortress

Greetings all K'Nexers, and welcome to Connectorod, my K'Nex fortress. The idea for this came from a History project I received at school, which was (in essence) to build a castle. I thought, since I have a lot of K'Nex, that that was the ideal material to build this castle out of.

I started by using segments of Mr. Muggle's chair to build the edges and base. Then, I layered up the castle and made the portcullis and drawbridge. The drawbridge works using a spindle of string and a rubber band. Finally, I made the defenders and attackers and flag. Unfortunately, these do not actually fire.

When it came to when the castles were being judged, everyone was saying things like 'This is the best thing ever made' (even though there are clearly better things out there) but my fortress did not get displayed for the school to see because of one reason: It was a complete nightmare to transport up and down stairs (Oh, and maybe because colourful castles aren't very historically accurate).

Anyway, I would have posted this earlier (it has been taken down now) but I was waiting for the rods and connectors contest (hence the name Connectorod) so please vote if you like this (or even if you don't).

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