Culture and History are often taught with a lack of truth/ignored in the elementary classroom. As a future teacher, I constantly discovering new ways in which I can entertain my students while giving them the information that the deserve. This specific idea came from my Native American heritage and the amazement in a child's face when they look up at the stars. With this assignment, we will learn about Native Americans and their beliefs. We will listen to the stories of the people and indulge ourselves in a small aspect of their lives with constellations and the stories that they hold. The students will duplicate a few constellations, but most importantly they will get to use their imagination when they  create their own constellations and stories behind them. 
***Please keep in mind that because of my lack of education in much of history and culture, I will be learning much more about Native American culture before I try this assignment with my students***

Step 1: Materials

Styrofoam Cup (This makes it incredibly easy to cut out a circle for the flashlight)
X-Acto Knife/Scissors 
Paint  & Paint Brushes (if you want to decorate)
Magazine/Newspaper for painting on
Cardboard or dark construction paper (This is so that the light does not shine out and ruin the constellation image)
Constellation Print Out/ On Screen

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