Step 2: Cut Holes in the Base

Each of the candle holders is a bolt that is going to sit in a hole cut out of the base.  To cut these holes you're going to need to find yourself a set of drill bits or routers and a power drill is definitely recommended.  Each bolt is 3/8" and therefore you'll probably use a 5/8" cutting piece to make the hole for the top of the bolt.

Clamp down the wood base and begin drilling out each of the holes.  Make sure you don't drill too deep.  I put a piece of tape on the bit I was using so I could clearly see how deep I was going.  Once I was done I passed the base on to my girlfriend to put the candle holders in place.

I&nbsp;always loved making menorahs when I was little :)<br />
I assume you are using a flat-bottomed candle, like a votive candle that rests on top of the bolts, not something like a taper that needs support from the sides.&nbsp; Is that correct?<br />
Menorahs use tall, thin candles that fit inside the bolt.<br /> <br /> Like this:<br /> http://content.mahalo.com/images/1/14/Full_Menorah.jpg<br />
That's nice, can you add a picture with candles in it?<br /> <br /> L<br />

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