Step 3: Install the Candle Holders

The best tool you can probably have on hand is a glue gun.  They come in handy for everything.  My girlfriend used a hot glue gun to put the bolts into the base.  The glue not only filled in the empty space in the hole but definitely secured the bolts tightly.

In case I haven't mentioned, the candle holders are 9 3/8" bolts.  There are eight 3" bolts and one 4" bolt that goes in the center.  Each one is then capped with a 3/8" hex nut that is threaded on and then glued in place.  She glued the 9 bolts in place and then the hex nuts.

That's pretty much it!  If you follow these instructions you'll have a complete menorah in no time.  I think the entire project took less than an hour.

I&nbsp;always loved making menorahs when I was little :)<br />
I assume you are using a flat-bottomed candle, like a votive candle that rests on top of the bolts, not something like a taper that needs support from the sides.&nbsp; Is that correct?<br />
Menorahs use tall, thin candles that fit inside the bolt.<br /> <br /> Like this:<br /> http://content.mahalo.com/images/1/14/Full_Menorah.jpg<br />
That's nice, can you add a picture with candles in it?<br /> <br /> L<br />

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