Step 6: Making the Insert

You have to stop with the pocket at this point and measure out the width needed for the insert. Why? Because I said so. Make it JUUUUUST under the total width of the pocket to make it snug but not a pain in the bum to remove and insert.

huh huh huh... "insert"

Same goes for the height. 

You also want to round off the corners with your scissors for these purposes as well. And also to protect the fabric from getting a hole poked in it or something. 
Nice Stickie Dickie you have there. :)<br /><br />And congrats on your first Instructable! You did great.
Can you please convert a metric butt load to pounds? I can't seem to find my conversion chart... <br><br>Awesome idea by the way!
I love it when I have an idea independently verified. This is awesome. And very similar to my most recent instructable, https://www.instructables.com/id/Invisible-Usable-Back-Scabbard/ BUT you obviously started this before I published that. Great minds think alike.
OMG. I think i don't feel so ingenius anymore after seeing this... : / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyYTYqIB3-Q
Your idea is still great. Even though the arm bands can be bought, it's still cool to be able to do your own. Besides, one can make a more custom system.One idea is to put this where items can be held on the outside of my pants pocket to hold things like scissors, mini-metallic flashlight, etc.<br><br>Could also be used inside the pocket, to keep things from moving around a lot and becoming irritating when walking, sitting, etc.<br><br>Basically a magnetic pocket organizer. :-) I'm sure there are other ideas for this out there.<br><br>Good job.
<br> <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Tool-Band-Adjustable-Magnetic-077-1025/dp/B000ICT8OY">only $3 at amazon.com</a><br>
That sucks man. Like so many people before you, Billy Mays beat you to it.
Whoa. Never thought of that. I think you jsut came up with an explanation of how so many video game characters swords stay on their backs without a visible scabbard. haha
Great Idea, I'm always doing something under my car I always lay a wrench or something down and have to scoot around on my creeper till I find it again. Great i'ble.
great idea - it could also be used around Halloween. Love your precise instructions - how much is a butt-load?
Lol. A butt-load is the metric equivalent of .8 crap-tons in standard
yes. a crap-ton being relitively the average amount of crap produced by FOX news during primetime.
this is great!...for young people without pacemakers. don't hug your grampa while wearing!
Great Idea! But I guess you must be completely aware when you are wearing this thing , so no to leave scissors or knives unatended. I mean, I would not want any sharp metal object flying towards my chest.
Love the line about futurama.
This is a great idea. A few years ago I built a belt clip with a magnet for holding screws, I stopped wearing it when I got stuck to a car I walked past. That said, any problems with you sticking to things? Is the insert annoyingly heavy?
I am editing the last page of this instructable with things like this. The weight IS noticeable but not so much that I mind it. I think i would have made the strip a bit longer and less wide, which would give me more coverage up and down my body and weight a bit less. I havent stuck to anything yet but I tend to jack my car up really high.
Lol, I can just picture a bunch of sockets flying off my shelf and hitting me in the chest. But still, this is a great idea. I'll be making one (I just need to be carefull about where I wear it).
lol, hey you shoudl gimme some stars or some such
5/5 dude!
great! Gotta try this... probably with hard drive magnets

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