Whether you are a nerd or not, creating your own costume armor will give you the satisfying feeling of accomplishment and when worn with other costume components, the visual result will be stunning. This instruction manual will outline several basic techniques for creating costume armor, specifically scaled/layered armor and coloring effects.

This information will be highly relevant and useful to those who are novice, intermediate and hobby costume makers. The main things to consider when building armor that is intended to be worn by a person are; size of the person, length of time the person will wear the armor, how much movement they will be doing while wearing it, materials and cost thereof to make the armor and what type of armor it will be.

The instructions here will focus on the commonly seen scaled armor, armor that looks like large fish or lizard scales, covering a breast plate.

Step 1: Cautions and Warnings

The steps needed to complete this armor will involve sharp tools and an open flame or similar heat sources. Children under the age of 16 should not attempt these methods without an adult present to conduct the indicated steps, or must not conduct them at all.
EVA foam will melt and catch on fire if it comes in contact with flames or a very hot source of heat, please maintain sufficient distance between the heat source and the foam to prevent fire. Keep fire retardant, dowsing products and/or ample amounts of water nearby should the need arise.

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