Constructing a Lego Helicopter




Introduction: Constructing a Lego Helicopter

The following is a step-by-step process for constructing a Lego helicopter.

Step 1: The Legs

Take the flat (2x4) yellow piece and attach two flat (1x4) black pieces to the bottom. These black pieces are the legs of the helicopter.

Step 2: The Base

Form the base of the helicopter by attaching one yellow corner piece to the front of the flat (2x3) yellow piece. Then, attach one (2x3) yellow piece to the back of the flat (2x3) yellow base. Both pieces which form the base should be in line with one another and directly in between the two helicopter legs. 

Step 3: The Tail Support

Attach the flat (2x3) grey piece to the bottom of the helicopter base. This is the tail support.

Step 4: The Body

Form the body of the helicopter by attaching the windshield to the front of the helicopter base. Then, attach one (1x2) white piece, and two white edges to the back of the helicopter base.  

Step 5: The Tail

Form the tail of the helicopter by attaching one yellow corner piece to the end of the tail support. Then, attach two round white pieces to the end of the yellow corner piece.

Step 6: The Propeller

Finally, complete the Lego helicopter by attaching the propeller to the top of the helicopter body.



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