Continuity Tester (Using Android Phone)





Introduction: Continuity Tester (Using Android Phone)

Continuity tester using android phone


1.Android Phone

2. 3.5mm jack or old headphone with mic

3. wire (multimeter probes is better)


Step 1: Cut the Headphone

Step 2: Find the MIC and GND Wires

Step 3: Connect 3K Resistor Parallel to the MIC and GND

Connect 3K resistor parallel to the MIC and GND and connect the probes wire and solder it.

Step 4: Finally Insulate the Wires

Step 5: Install Application to the Phone

click to install app

Step 6: Testing.

click here to see the video

Step 7: Don't Check Charged Components

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What fusing on the leads should I use to protect the phone against inadvertently placing across mains voltage?

if you don't know for 100% whether or not what you're working on is hot or not, than you shouldn't be working on it bro.

Cool project. I really want to do but I can't do it now, because my phone had died. :/

you probably tested a condutor with voltage

Not a bad idea but as a technician in my past trade and current hobby, I will always relay on my trusted Fluke meters. Perhaps Fluke will come out with one (unless they one already)

They do, although it is a Bluetooth interface for the 287/289 series multimeter. The actual measurement is done by the multimeter and it is sent to the phone via the accessory. Just for the sake of it, I own a 289 and I just love it, after a 179 and 115 series. If not the best portable meters surely in the top three.

I love this instructable. I can't wait for full multimeter modules to be available for smartphones.

something like this ?

I have multimeters in just about every tool box, and car (at least 6 or 7, spread about), but my smartphone is almost always on my hip. Between datalogging, and reduction in size, I am right there with you, in the "can't wait" group.