Introduction: Continuous Surface Bracelet

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This bracelet consists of differentiated gyroids, i.e. infinitely connected triply periodic minimal surfaces.

The 3D printed result is a rigid porous structure that separates space into two oppositely congruent labyrinths of passages.

Step 1: Create the Differentiated Gyroids

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1 Create a regular gyroids net, composed of 20 components in X, 22 in Y and 3 in Z using MathMod.

2 Create a non-uniform mesh from forcefield in Processing using different repellers and attractors.

3 Morph the regular gyroids net into the mesh using Grasshopper.

Step 2: Morph Differentiated Gyroids Into Arm Mesh

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Adapt the resulting differentiated gyroids into the arm mesh morphology or body scanned geometry according to triangular tessellation in Grasshopper.

Step 3: 3D Print the Bracelet

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Prepare the .stl file for 3D printing and print! This bracelet was 3D

printed in white nylon plastic with a matte finish at Shapeways.

Step 4: Enjoy!

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Enjoy your 3D printed wearable!


NeilRG (author)2017-11-15

You are obviously a highly educated and talented woman. The project is interesting but the instructable would benefit from more detail for those lacking your background.

Thank you,


mcarri (author)2017-11-02


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