simple idea.

Step 1: So, Difficult Is Remove the Old Batteries of Contours on Slot Camera.

these photos present a simple idea to solve this.

Step 2: You Can Insert in the Battery a Electrical Tape.

you will need only a piece of electrical type.


<p>This is a POV (Point of View) Camera with a integrated GPS, usualy mounted on the a helmet or similar apparatus.</p><p>Here is a link for a more in depth analysis: <a href="http://pointofviewcameras.com/blog/pov/article/contour-gps-review" rel="nofollow">http://pointofviewcameras.com/blog/pov/article/con...</a></p><p>Don't forget to put this kind of info in your ible's, cpaulo. This will make them more complete and give more content to it.</p>

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