In this tutorial, you will learn how to control and RGB LED with your iDevice (Ipod, Iphone, Ipad) using "TouchOSC" and processing along with the oscp5 library.

You Will Need:
-An RGB LED, Common Cathode (Negative)
-An Arduino Or Arduino Clone
-3x 220Ohm Resistors
-A Breadboard/Prototyping Hardrware
-Some Nice Wires, Prefferably Color Coded (Red, Green, Blue and White For Ground)
-touch osc-app-5$ (Its Is Worth It!)

-Some Small Pliers to bend the resistor and LED leads.

Step 1: Bending the Leads (=

Before We start wiring up the circuit you will want to bend the led and resistor leads to fit your prototyping hardware. The resistor leads will simply be bend downwards in parralel, as shown in photos and the leds will be bent to fit all 4 leads into the breadboard or prototyping hardware you have used.
<p>the touschosc app is not the good ? not the same of the photo</p>
Hey, I tried it but nothing happens and sometimes a black box with 3 rgb bars shows up but i can&acute;t do anything with it. Do you have any idea of what the problem might be? <br>Thanks
the black background and rgb bars are normal, are you saying that when you change the slider on the idevice, nothing happens?? if so make sure your ip in touch osc is the same as the one shown in the black bar in processing when you start it up, apply the same to the outgoing port which if you are using my examples is 8000. also make sure your firewall is not blocking the signals , disable it temporarily maybe? also thankyou for trying my instructable (= <br>Also you cannot interact with it n the computer you must interact with it on the touch osc app. <br>

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