It's a project to control aurdoino with any remote control you want :]

Step 1: Tools We Need

!-arduino (any type)

3-330 ohm resistance

4-10 k ressitnce

5-IR Recsiver (3 bins)

Step 2: Hooking Up

Hook up ardoino pin 13 to 330 ohm resistance then the led


hook up the IR receiver (Depending on the type of the receiver )
left leg (Signal leg) to pin 11
the VCC and GND Are depending on the type of your receiver

//10k resistor
connect the 10 K resistor from the Vcc to the Signal leg
as a pull up resistor

Step 3: Code

add this library to your
arduino from here

then download the code and burn it on your arduino

if you faced a problem in compiling just delete
IRrobotControl from your libraries

Any problem just leave a comment :)

:-) simple
<p>Thanks :D</p><div>I hope to have <br>((I made it comment ))<br>From you :)</div>
Thanks :D<br>I hope to have <br>((I made it comment ))<br>From you :)

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