Introduction: Control DC Motors With Your Smartphone (Perfect for a Robot)

Picture of Control DC Motors With Your Smartphone (Perfect for a Robot)
In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can control 2 DC motors via bluetooth with my brand new Android app.

It’s called “BlueArd” and It’s the 1.0 version. I want to upgrade my app later and add more features.

This app was created with MIT App Inventor. It’s a great place to start with android development.

How It Works:

Step 1: Parts Required

Picture of Parts Required
  • 1x Arduino Uno
  • 1x Bluetooth Module (for example: HC-05)
  • 1x Smartphone (any Android will work, I’ve only tested with Samsung Galaxy Ace)
  • BlueArd Application (you can download it below)
  • 1x L293D IC
  • 2x DC motor
  • 1x Breadboard
  • Jumper Cables

Step 2: Schematics

Picture of Schematics

It's really easy to complete this step. You just follow the schematics provided in this picture.

Leave a comment if you have any question.

Step 3: Arduino Code + Android App

Picture of Arduino Code + Android App
Download all my source codes below:
  • Arduino Sketch
  • BlueArd.apk
  • BlueArd Source files (for editing my app with appinventor)
Click Here for Direct Download.

What exactly you need to do? 
Simply download that folder above and unzip it.
Upload the Arduino sketch into your arduino and install the BlueArd.apk file on your smartphone.

Step 4: Final Product!

Picture of Final Product!
Watch this video below with a quick demo:

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Asadullah Mughal (author)2015-11-24

Fix it please or reply me as soon as possible what's the error bro

same problem arises in my app .. tell me if you find any solution

NitinB35 (author)NitinB352017-06-19

I got the solution problem bro.... your bluetooth module must be getting disconnecting.. dont use your laptop power to drive the circuit.. Use a much increased D.C source. i.e Adapter

JayB38 (author)2015-10-16

My bluetooth module automatically disconnects after a series of commands. How can I fix this? Please help sir. Thank you

NitinB35 (author)JayB382017-06-19

yeah mine is having the same problem... Do suggest me if you get a solution..

dif0001 (author)2017-05-11

Hi there, I've made a replica of yours and done everything the exact same however when my motors stay motionless no matter what I do. I do have 3 AA's (4.5V) in a 5V port but that shouldn't matter shouldn't it? And also is the wire in the arduino in port 10 or 11?

aloulou123456 (author)2017-04-03

i want source code of the application android !!

Prakhar Joshi (author)2017-02-05

Sir i want to connect the motors with a sheild without using ic .i am confused with enable pins ..please help asap

h3yh3yjj (author)2016-12-13

I'm assuming this will only work for Android phones?

RathinS (author)2015-11-20

Sir is it possible to control 4 dc motors?what will changes in circuit??

use the ulc2003(forgot the name but I think that's correct ) it can control 7

maranadha777 (author)2016-09-13

do I need code for arduino to make it run?


hello sir.Ive tried to connect it but it aint working

maranadha777 (author)2016-09-18

the way cables connected as shown in video and image is not as that shown in diagram

vishu8866 (author)2016-04-21

Can i control big motors with thz??

MichaelM463 (author)2016-01-24

Plss sir can you share your code to me plss.. i need it plss.. sir

you just need to convert to .aia because he did that in appinventor version1

I did, but looks like its only the design.

Cant find how it actually works or edit the functions

Lintang_Wisesa (author)2015-11-11

It works nicely, Sir! If u dont mind, can u share the source code (.aia file) of your BlueArd app please? Thx for sharing & your consideration.

you just need to convert to .aia because he did that in appinventor version1

Lintang_Wisesa made it! (author)2016-02-01
MohibaliS (author)2016-01-18

how to make softwer program for speed contol of dc motor by android

ldonald (author)2016-01-08

How do I upload this app to my phone?

jimmerforpoy (author)2015-12-03

I made an app for robots like these. it can be controlled with voice control too. I'd love anyone's feedback. here's the link:

kvascian (author)2015-11-26

Hi.... sir is it possible to control two motors and two leds at the same time .... ? I tried bt not abke to achieve it :( ... cud u plz help me with this ?

Asadullah Mughal (author)2015-11-24

Here it is the error fix it bro or tell me what's wrong with it

RathinS (author)2015-11-20

Sir is it possible to control four motors??using the same..can you plz tell the changes in circuit

Asadullah Mughal (author)2015-11-02

I'm using Hc-09 BT module

"error 507: Unable to connect. Is the device turned on."

My device is on but its not connected with your apk file fix it please or you have another option than tell me please.


sabbir009 (author)2015-09-10

I need your help, please tell me how can I make this project using Arduino Mega 2560 ? can I use the same diagram and same code for arduino mega. I'm waiting for your answer sir :) my email address is :

TheGreatResistor (author)2015-08-17

hi i have a question

wont the 5v tx signal from the arduino kill the 3.3v module

Akshay Jha (author)2015-08-11

Great job with simplicity

Akshay Jha (author)2015-08-10

Great instructable and very useful for
All . I am going to control an owi arm using this .

MohdA6 (author)2015-05-30

How to get bluetooth permission from hc-06?

MohdA6 (author)MohdA62015-05-30

My email

santhosh santee (author)2015-05-19

i need a code of this project

henrique.checchia.7 (author)2015-05-03

hello! well done!

I want to add a few new features.on the app, can you share the code with me??

Thanks very much!

mkiely (author)2015-04-30

Very cool app. Can your share your code with me.

Thanks very much

jabirs (author)2015-04-27

Can you share your android code to me ?

my e-mail:

Thank you so much!

michael.ewen.71 (author)2015-04-05

hello can you please send me the app code. thanks

vinodc63 (author)2015-04-03

Can you please tell me how much volt power supply needed to connect?

nityadeep (author)2015-03-19

Can you send me code pls ?

septiadi.rahmawan (author)2015-02-27

Can you share your android code to me ?

my e-mail:

Thank you so much!

septiadi.rahmawan (author)2015-02-27

Can you share your android code to me ?

my e-mail:

Thank you so much!

septiadi.rahmawan (author)2015-02-27

Can you share your android code to me ?

my e-mail:

Thank you so much!

vaslo (author)2015-02-01

Can you send me code pls ?

thuanbk090792 (author)2015-01-22

Can you share your code to me ?

my gmail:

Thank you so much!

thuanbk090792 (author)2015-01-22

I like this project. But i can't download source code because your code link was died.Can you share again it? Thank you so much!

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