In this instructable I will show you how to control EL Wire with an Arduino. 
What you will need:
EL Wire and Inverter - I recommend http://ez-el.com/ez-el-wire/10ft-ez-el-wire-3v-inverter-kit/
rduino or any micro controller that can control a relay
SPDT Micromini Relay 5V - I recommend Radio Shack 275-0240
Heat Shrink Tubing or Electrical Tape
General Purpose PC Board
Soldering Iron and Solder
Wire Cutters and Strippers 

Step 1: Schematic

This is how to hook the circuit up:

<p>I'm trying to keep my power consumption and real estate down to a bare minimum. Could I use a 1.5Vrelay with a 3V teensy arduino and a 1.5V EL transformer? I need a small backlight in a battery powered electronic device.</p>
<p>I did this in a similar fashion but an led chaser board was used to sequentially switch the relays (instead of blinking leds). still working out the intermittent bugs though.</p>
<p>Thanks. That was cool but I never saw any pictures of the strippers!</p>
Thanks for your suggestions. As far asi know you can't dim the EL Wire or do PWM.
Actually you can do both, see this incomplete and abandoned ( pretty much ) page for the pic 877. Code is C so should be understandable. Electronically the relay is replaced by a triac.
I think you need a reverse current protection diode in there as the relay is inductive.
How does this handle dimming of the EL wire?

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