Control Electrical Devices From Your Android Phone , Arduino and Create Your Own Android App





Introduction: Control Electrical Devices From Your Android Phone , Arduino and Create Your Own Android App

Hi , do you want to control all your electrical devices at your home controlled from your android mobile, do you want to create your own app to achieve this task, This post explains step by step procedure to create android app for controlling electrical appliances using MIT app inventor. you don't need to rely on 3rd party to control your home devices. This simply act as a Home automation where you can control everything from your phone. all you need is an android phone , an arduino , bluetooth module ( I've used HC-05) and a Relay.

Step 1: Create Android App Using MIT App Inventor

Follow the steps in the video to create your own android app

Step 2: Arduino Program

Download the arduino program and change it according to your specification and upload the program to arduino.

connect the arduino to the electrical appliances with the help of relay. block diagram for this can be found in the introduction. follow the video below to know how to connect relay and other circuit to arduino.

Step 3: Testing of MIT App and Arduino Program

If you want to control all your devices by voice command here the ible for you to make your own voice control android app and control all your devices and have fun

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Unable to write broken pipe !
This error is showing on android device.
What should i do

can one use same relay module for both arduino uno and raspberry pi 3.. plzzzzz reply

To Mr. Magesh Jaykumar,

I want to ask you, what will be the total cost of the Project " Control Electrical Devices from Android Phone"

how to operate electrical devices through internet

Is there a option to automatic pair a specific bluetooth module on every klick on a button? :)

Nice Project.

what is the type of relay to use and the wiring pins?

I used 12v 5A 4 relay moudle.. You can use any module as long as it can withstand the output rating.. I used female/male wire connectors.

very nice, thank you for sharing.!!