Step 2: Cleanliness is next to Flealessness

Flea eggs hatch every 3 days, so by sprinkling your floors for at least 9 days, vacuuming each 3rd day for 9 days, takes you through the complete life cycle of flea life. Be sure and empty your vacuum after each cleaning or the pests will just crawl back out and re-infest your home! You can also salt porches, doghouses and kennels to kill eggs & maintain flea control. Borax works as an alternative to salt but has a few cautions. In high humidity areas you may need to use a dehumidifier with the salt treatment for its use to be effective.

My husband and I have been so frustrated with these pesty fleas. They jump on us and bite us when we are laying in bed watching t.v. and we are constantly swatting them off all night when where trying to sleep. This problem just started about a week ago when his mom's dog got infested. I read about sprinkling salt on carpet.I first vaccuumed then I took a salt shaker and sprinkled a generous amount covering the entire room. I must say I doubted the salt. But, immediately I saw results. No more fleas jumping on me!! I am impressed and highly recommend Salt to get rid of fleas in carpet!
thank you so much for your lovely and thorough explanation of everything Fleas. It was very useful to me as I try to be as pesticide free as possible. I have two cats and 1 dog and ferrets, my major problem is the ferrets, because fleas can kill ferrets. I've told the salt trick to many people and they're always surprise, but it does work like a charm and I feel that it's much safer than borax. thanks again and have a lovely day, cheers, Mary :-)
<p>whats the salt stick please ?</p>
<br>Ingredients <br> <br> 3 cubes beef bouillon <br> 1 1/2 cups boiling water <br> 2 cups whole wheat flour <br> 1 cup cornmeal <br> 2/3 cup brewers' yeast <br> 2 tablespoons garlic powder <br> 2 egg yolks <br> <br>Directions <br> <br> Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Dissolve beef bouillon cubes in boiling water, and set aside. Grease cookie sheets. <br> In a large bowl, stir together the whole wheat flour, corn meal, brewers yeast, and garlic powder. Add the yolks, then gradually pour in the bouillon water while stirring. Mix thoroughly to form a firm dough. On a floured surface, roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into desired shapes using cookie cutters. Place cookies one inch apart onto cookie sheets. <br> Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, then turn the oven off, and leave the cookies inside for at least 3 hours or overnight to harden. Store in an airtight container at room temperature. <br> <br>
Powdering the Salt makes it More effective . Put it in the Blender until the grains are dust . <br>Borax has Boric acid . Its better to just get powdered Boric acid . <br> <br>I mixed powdered salt and boric acid in an old carpet powder can. <br>Shake it in the corners ,base boards, everywhere. It will dehydrate<br>insects . They are toast .
I came to this board about a week ago frustrated with my flea problem.&nbsp; Thanks to you guy's the fleas are no longer a problem.&nbsp; After reading your comments I purchased salt and vinegar.&nbsp; Per your instructions I sprinkled the salt around all of the baseboards and let it stay there for about three days.&nbsp; Last weekend we vacuumed, cleaned all the baseboards and sprinkled again with salt.&nbsp; We also added vinegar to their water, and I hope I wasn't wrong but I sprayed the cats with vinegar also.&nbsp; As of today we are no longer having a problem with fleas.&nbsp;&nbsp;Thank you so very mcuh.&nbsp;
nervous surprisedI had this problem about a month ago,when an possum died under in a crawl space under my home. after the smell dissipated and I returned with my kids, it was infested with fleas, and probably was for weeks. now, we don't have animals, so the assumption is that it was some how carried in with the dead carcass that was removed weeks later. well, an organic farmer around here told me the same thing, and i was very surprised that this technique worked! i swear by it, because table salt is ,for one, less than $.50 and doesn't harm the little lungs or nervous systems of the children. Kudos for the Instructable, i swear by it .
Thanks for the testimonial. It seems too simple but it really is effective!
<p>Please help-I need some advice.</p><p>I recently moved to Dallas. Within 3 months I had flea bites from head to toe. I have 2 cats and they hardly had any fleas on them. Then to my surprise I was in the ER twice. I had a fever of 104 temp and uncontrolable chills. Come to find out I had Cat Scratch Fever! Took the anitbiotics and praying this is over. (My cats did not bite me nor scratch me) I got it from the fleas. I am very clean person and never, ever had this issue in all my life. .Has anyone had this serious issue and what did you do? I have bombed my place twice now. Please help</p>
OK I have read a lot of the post here and am going to try a few. I have a English springer who has very sensitive skin allergic to corn and we just haven't been able to get rid of the fleas... I've spent countless amounts of dollars on natural products to rid her of fleas and the either don't work or they irritate her skin and cause her to scratch and Chew herself terribly... I'm going to try the treats but omitting the cornmeal since that's one ingredient in dog food that causes her to itch... Definatly salting my carpets and then going to try the salt and dawn paste bath then with a apple cider vinegar rinse. She already gets a homemade supplement added to her daily morning meal of ground beef and fat, rice, garlic, carrots and what ever other vegetables I have to throw in the pot. I will definatly let you know how things work out. I think I will also spray my yard down with some of my dawn dish soap as well.
I hope you have found results of your efforts! Yes, you can use oat flour instead of corn.<br>Here is a great recipe.from Jerry Baker, America's Master Gardener. You could also add some dissolved Epsom salt.<br><br> 1 cup of beer<br> 1 cup soda (or 10 teaspoons sugar)<br> 1 cup black tea<br> 1/2 cup of baby shampoo<br> 1/2 cup of molasses<br> 2 tablespoons fish emulsion<br> 1/2 cup Ammonia <br> 1/2 cup mint mouthwash<br><br>The beer in these recipes promotes microbial activity (same goes for the tea, soda, corn syrup and molasses). Ammonia breaks down into nitrates, which provide the plants nutrients. This nitrogen also helps break dawn thatch into nutrients the lawn can take up. The soap helps the solution spread more evenly over the lawn as you apply it. And the mouthwash contains alcohol, which acts as an irritant to many insects. Occasionally you may also run across a recipe containing tobacco. This also acts as an insecticide.<br><br>I've never tried them, but these recipes are supposed to work on both your lawn and your flowers.
I have tried the apple cider vinegar rinse on my pug, to my horror he started yelping something awful! The cider vinegar killed the fleas but burnt his skin which was just a little bit raw from the scratching! Please, check the animal first... the vinegar will cause pain on the raw areas! I use the blue concentrated DAWN dishsoap &amp; let it set for about 5-10 minutes. Fortunately, he likes his bathes! I will be salting the house! thanks!
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that it caused distress! Ouchie baby! Hugs, pug mum! Give that good boy a treat!<br>Yes, vinegar (ascetic acid), will burn inflamed skin. Don't get it in the eyes either. I use it on my hair and skin and have made the mistake of getting it in my eyes! OUCH. <br>Make a solution- 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Rinsing it out is optional. Vinegar balances the hair/skin's acid mantle, making it smooth (detangler) and healthy. The dilution makes it more comfortable to use. <br>Vinegar is the real deal. Use with caution. Start with a very small amount and test the skin for reaction if inflamed.<br>OXO<br>
Hi I had a flea problem and after treating my cat I put table salt all over my roommates room, i let it sit overnight and then vacuumed, the salt had turned into some sort of watery thing as in when I tried to vacuum I was basically vacuuming 50% salt 50% water, now the carpet won't really dry (feels damp when you walk on it ) have tried hair drying the carpet, dry towels top absorb the moisture and vacuuming...Anyone know what else I can try? Or what would dry the carpet?<br>
<p>Salt is a desiccant not a humectant so whatever you put on the carpet was not salt. Maybe it was borax? </p><p>You can use those sham wow shammies to soak up the excess moisture. They are super absorbent. Or call a plumber. Bummer for your roomate. </p>
<p>Desiccants keep the surrounding area dry by absorbing the moisture themselves. Monicampl must have used a lot of salt in a very humid room.</p>
<p>Like the old saying goes, &quot;what works, works.&quot; Each dog is different, so the reaction and possibly even the effectiveness of the cure is probably drastically different for each animal. Quantity also has something to do with it. The reason I was a bit leery of the treats was because one time my Jakey, a wonderful Lab -Border Collie mix, got a hold of some wild onions (same active ingredient) and soon thereafter began salivating a lot and breathing very heavily. It took a little while for him to get back to normal. Then again, he has heartworm, so this could have enhanced the effects of the onions. Due to his condition (which is being treated), he is sensitive to things like exercise and food. If you find that the treats work for your pet, then by all means, use them!</p><p>P.S. That having been said, I'll leave y'all alone now ;) ...</p>
i sprinkle a bit of yeast, just half a teaspoon, (nutritional or brewer's yeast) on my cats food every day and they haven't had fleas in over 6 years. it's good for their fur too and it's very healthy for them. i bought it in a nature shop.
<p>what salt trick for fleas ?</p>
I would like to know if anyone knows what I can use on my bed sheets for this problem... My cat sleeps with me and even though I bathe her frequently she recently went outside and when she cane back in she brought back some fleas with her :/... Does anybody know of a home Madre product I can add to my bed sheets that would help me with this problem? I saw that the lemon spray doesn't kill them. Thank you
Just sprayed my dog with apple cidarvinagar and watched the fleas die on the spot.
<p>That's awesome news! Thanks for sharing! YAY! </p>
<p>Amazing job on these instructions! It is nice to see someone promoting natural alternatives. I hate using harsh chemicals in my house. Cedarwood and Lemongrass essential oils are not really common household items but that is what I use to kill fleas on my pets. They work great and smell fantastic. I made a quick video about the method if anyone is interested: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w4oR8LJVC8" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w4oR8LJVC8</a></p>
Please help us! We've had an ongoing flea problem since we had a small crawl space under our house. We finally closed it off trapping a family of something (probably opossum) that has now died, and with it an intense odor and accompanying fleas. We have managed to isolate the rooms infected, but we want to get rid of them. We've had pest control sprays and used natural DE (food grade but not 100% pure) and nothing is helping. We put out traps every night and catch a few here and there but they're still jumping on us. I walk around in white socks and piggyback my kids in the hallways scared to death they will jump on them without us knowing and bring them into other rooms. What can we do? We vacuum daily and have also made a spray of dawn and water to kill them on contact, but now I'm desperate! Any type of salt will do? I have rock salt from costco that is pretty finely ground. I hope this works. I want to cry everyday!
<p>Salt will dehydrate and kill the eggs. Any type of salt works. Use rock salt tied into the ends of knotted panyhose or powder salt in the blender to use on baseboards and wood floors.</p>
Can i substitute barley and barley flour for the flour and vornmeal?
<p>It's worth a try! Tell me how it turns out!</p>
<p>I have 5 cats and 2 dogs all live in the house. Im going thru this flea invasion and have discovered something that may be helpful to some of you. Fleas like a certain amount of heat. They love a warm lamp, even on the bottom of the lamp. They also love TV's. They will lay the eggs in places where your lamps are at. Check the cords for eggs as well. I discovered hundred of eggs in these place. Its disgusting and gross. God should never have given us fleas. They are good for nothing!</p>
<p>I just found two sitting on my sons TV screen when I walked in to check on him! HAHAHA would have never thought of it and then I read it in your comment! Thanks great advice on the lamps :) :) :)</p>
<p>Very interesting tips. I've used brewers yeast before, which works pretty well. Never thought of making cookies though. Thanks!</p>
<p>I don't even have a pet (nor have visited anybody's house in a long while) and somehow got fleas in my house. I went into yard on lawn to watch somebody put a pole up across the street, then came in house and went to bed. That is when this insanity started. Got up itching like crazy, bites on feet, ankles and legs. I was mystified but I knew they were fleas. Years ago when parents had a dog he had them twice. Dog died 3 months before my Dad in 2001. Anyway my Mom moved and I bought a house 2 years ago. It is raccoon and possum plentiful here around house. It's the only thing I can think of that there would be fleas around house. I had gone out with just slippers, no socks and not very long sweat pants.</p><p>I mean the next door neighbors has grandkids playing in yard next to mine, I wonder if they have them? We don't speak but I can't imagine they are only in my yard. Here it's winter, never a problem until a week ago. Who ever heard of getting fleas without a pet? Anyway only have a few carpeted rugs the rest of house is all hardwood floors, linoleum in kitchen. I don't know I want to wait 9-10 days, was thinking of just getting raid for fleas. That's what we used when dog got them. Only vacuum that will reach under my queen bed in my shop vac, I emptied the canister of the other vacuum. After reading these comments I feel like it was all for nothing because the shop vac you have to use a ratchet to take off the screw nut to get filter off so didn't empty that one. These fleas are driving me nuts.</p><p>I did try the dish soap and light but caught nothing, will try again. I had put baking soda on my bites but didn't deter getting more. Put everything on bed piece by piece in dyer (can't wash comforters). Wonder if I put a few cloves of garlic in bed will deter them until I either salt or go buy the raid. What a mess. No pet and fleas. Insane.</p>
<p>Fleas can and do live in the soil. Look up diatomaceous earth and see if it's <br>something you want to work with. It's effective in solving soil infestations. <br>You <br>can also sprinkle cedar chips outside (big bag for cheap from the feed <br>store-sold as animal bedding) or if you can get eucalyptus leaves, they <br>hate the smell of both. In fact any strong odors repels them so you <br>could use a nice lavender spray on your comforter.<br>If the house is <br>humid, a dehumidifier works like the salt process and makes it <br>inhabitable for the larvae to survive without all the vacuuming.</p><p>If you don't want salt all over, use rock salt in the leg of a pair of pantyhose or sock. Any aromatic to repel fleas-lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, citrus. It won't kill them but keeps them away, so use on bedding, couches, curtains and furniture.</p>
<p>I have a cat one for you Pamela! </p>
<p>I don't have one for cats! I give her a pat of butter for a treat or some kipper snacks, which is tinned herring.</p>
Can i put the salt in my 1 month old puppy? He's really irritated by this freakin' fleas and their eggs. They are not allowed to take a bath in their very young age. Other ideas?
<p>You can use a flea comb on your pet. I wouldn't salt the animal. You could spray or wipe some diluted vinegar on the pup and a tablespoon of vinegar in the water dish.</p>
Can i put the salt in my 1 month old puppy? He's really irritated by this freakin' fleas and their eggs. They are not allowed to take a bath in their very young age. Other ideas?
<p>Can you use chicken bouillon cubes in place of beef?</p>
<p>I don't see why not! Go for it! Or be a purist like me and use boiled or pressure cooked stock from roast chicken bones! I grind up rolled oats in the blender and use that for part flour too. </p>
I would let a stray cat in the house to feed it, my girlfriend is now livid as it has brought a huge infestation into her house which she shares with our 9 month old daughter. She's now become a ritualistic cleaner, vacuumes at least 3 times a day and washes bedding every other night on the hottest wash possible. I cannot blame her though as she currently has upwards of 30 bites (she Has only been home 4 days). Our 9 month old daughter is getting them too although not as bad as her mother. I keep finding little bowls of water around the house, whenever she sees a flea she grabs it and chucks it in the bowl of soapy water. She has also been bathing out daughter in lavender body wash and splashing the nursery with Eucalyptus essence. She's rather frustrated however, that she cannot salt every room in the house due to our daughter playing on the floor. I'm really hoping her persistence pays off as these fleas are turning her into a mad woman.
<p>You can add some vinegar to your diet to help ward of flea bites. Multi B vitamins too.</p><p>You can put the salt in pantyhose-rock salt and place it out of the way of the playing baby. Good luck!</p>
Another thing<br> How about cat treats for flea or can i give cats same treats and. Use same on the
<p>Cats can be a little pickier and not like this dog cookie recipe. They might like a recipe that has fish in it.</p>
<p>I came across this article and would like to make the dog treats for my dog Shelby she is 13 year old Corgi/Collie my question is I can not find Brewers yeast in my local stores, is it possible to use another brand like Red Star? Thanks for sharing your recipe. :)</p>
<p>No problem but, don't use red star yeast. That is an entirely different ingredient from brewer's yeast.</p>
How many treats and how mush do you give your dog . i have bone cookie cutters 3 def size , should i give like 1 small bone to samll dog a day and 1 big bone to the big dogs a day ?

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