Picture of Control Scratch with an Accelerometer
The Scratch programming environment is very popular with kids. Using the Arduino, we can introduce accelerometer control so your games can react to the tilting of the accelerometer.

I covered the basics in the instructable below:

For people comfortable with Arduino and Python, I covered the use of an accelerometer to control a flight simulator in the following Instructable:

Let's Get Started

If you haven't done it already, follow the instructions on this linked page to download and install :

1.  S4A ( Scratch 4 Arduino) and

2. the Firmware for Arduino to talk to S4A

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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
You will need:

* An Arduino
* An Accelerometer (e.g. )
* A prototyping system or breadboard to wire the Accelerometer to the Arduino (e.g.

Step 2: Wire the Accelerometer to the Arduino

Picture of Wire the Accelerometer to the Arduino
Wire the Accelerometer to the Arduino as shown in the Diagrams:

* 3V => 3.3V
* GND => GND
* X => A0
* Y => A1
* Z => A2

BEWARE:  The Power to the ADXL335 is 3.3V.  Connecting it to 5V will KILL it.

Thanks man! I think Scratch for Arduino is a great way to introduce object programming with real-world controls.

Great! Don't know why there is not more interest here for this programming environment. I like it!