Create your own control panels on your iPod Touch or iPhone.  This instructable demonstrates how to use Control , a FREE app available from the iTunes store.  It also demonstrates how to communicate with the app using a PC program. 

Minimum Requirements:
PC running Windows XP or newer.
A Wi-Fi connection to your PC.
An iPod Touch or iPhone.  I used a iPod Touch 4G.

You do not need programming experience for this instructable; however, if you want to create your own screens, or write your own code for the PC host, you will need to have some experience in network programming with UDP datagrams, and some javascript programming experience.  I provide all the source code for this instructable (see step #6).

Step 1: Install Control From ITunes

Install the FREE app, Control, available from iTunes.

Your router or firewall may have those ports blocked. Set your router to allow port 10000.
Hey <br>i have been trying this experiment on my iphone 3gs but my onoff.exe file which i dowloaded says &quot;couldnt bind&quot; when i click on START
What if my pc doesn't have port COM1?
Buy an usb to serial TTL converter, in the controlpanel - system - device manger: you will see an virtual comport when you have installed the correct VC driver. If needed you can change the com port number, there too. Mine was 20$. TTL-232R-PCB, there are 3.3 volt and 5 volts editions, so look out. but there are many other models.
Correct me if i'm wrong, but an arduino would work great for this project. <br>
This is epically epic!Only if I had an iphone!<br>Have a look at my ibles as well!

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