Do you want to control your TV and several other gadgets that are IR controlled? Ya but my phone doesn't support it because it doesn't have an IR blaster.Don't worry here a gadget that gives IR control to any phone and the thing it needs is bluetooth!! YES!! bluetooth!! The gadget also increases the range of your control!! As it covers the distance range of bluetooth as well as infrared!! It was made in very less budget and requires some components including arduino uno and bluetooth module! Basically the phone sends signal to HC-05 (bluetooth module) and further bluetooth module sends the characters to arduino's serial port and arduino sends particular IR signal decoded from your remote!! It works with all TV remotes!!I etched the circuit on PCB to make it more efficient and useful!! Here 's a demo video of it but I'll publish full tutorial on making it soon..

Step 1: Libraries

You'll require to install IrLib master library that is attached below. Unzip it and then copy the files to libraries folder of arduino IDE. Either you can install it by directly opening IDE and under sketches install zipped libraries.

<p>hey , can we apply this on dth ? bcoz dth set top boxes also run on ir ... </p>
<p>Hey, this is great! I can't open the codes, can you send me the files or maybe as .txt files? email: gusovaba@gmail.com</p>
<p>Nice work. I cant open the codes. can you send me like text to codes email: ahac46@gmail.com</p>
<p>Nice work. I cant open the codes. can you send me like text to codes email: ahac46@gmail.com</p>
<p>The step 5 is the best of all. Very good presentation!</p><p>Greetings from Portugal</p>
<p>Thanks a lot!! :-) Thanks again!!</p>
<p>Good! I have proyect very similar to this, and I make app for android perfect to this, the app that you use not is precise for this, check my app:<br><br>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.salvador.remote</p>
<p>Yes!! Thats right!! I really appreciate your work!! Thanx for it!! I'll refer that!! :-)</p>
would this work on long ac/hvac ir-codes?
<p>You can try! If the ir receiver decodes the signals down then yes it can!</p>
Is it compatible with iPhones/iPads?
<p>Only if you can find a BT control app in the app store. </p>
<p>But beware that what character is sent by particular app.You might need to modify the code.</p>
<p>An alternetive is to build a plate for wireless charging of control TV, so you don't have to charge it anymore. You should hack the control TV to do this...<br>For a deep control on the bluetooth app, you should use App inventor from MIT lab, to create a new personalizated one for particular task!</p>
<p>Nice idea!! :-)</p>
<p>nice work</p>
<p>Thanks a lot!! Please vote if you liked it! :-)</p>
nice work<br><br>i also work on this type of project
<p>me 2222222222</p>
<p>Thanks a lot!! :-)</p>

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