Control Two LEDS With an Arduino and BitVoicer





Introduction: Control Two LEDS With an Arduino and BitVoicer

So what I want to do here is do several things with two LEDs with speech recognition

I'm using bitvoicer you can get it here

Step 1: Part List

So I'm doing this with as little parts as I can, here's the list:

Green LED



1k Resistor

Jumper Cables


Computer Mic(you can use a microphone

Ardunio (I'm using the UNO but any kind will work)

bitVoicer you can get that here

Step 2: How to Setup Your LEDs

Place 3 jumper wires in pin3 (the red LED), pin5 (the green LED) and Gnd on the digital side of the arduino.

Set up your breadboard so that the cathode(negative) sides of the LEDs are connected to a resistor, and then to a common ground. Doing it this way means we only need a single resistor and ground pin. The other legs (Positive) of the LEDs should be in pin 5 for the green LED, and pin 3 for the red LED. Good now we got the LEDs connected to our arduino. Now we'll go on to coding

Step 3: Coding

Download the Sketch and Voice Scheme attached and open the sketch with the arduino software and open the voice scheme with bitVoicer. Upload the sketch to your arduino

Step 4: Running the Program

Plug your computer microphone in and start the voice scheme in bitVoicer.

It should work great.

Feel free to comment your thoughts.



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Mega Arduino needs an external DAC

I am Using Arduino IDE 1.6.6 and BitVoicer Server 1.0 I am new to this. I have tried copying the Bitsophia Arduino library to Arduino Library folder it did not work. I renamed it to BitVoicer11 and it did not work. I am getting compile errors because Arduino cannot see or use the BitVoicer library. Please help. Why does everything have to be so difficult?? lol. Its frustrating because I know the solution has to be really EASY. Not finding it.

someone should do a quick video on how to setup the bitVoicer in windows cuz im having issues understanding the pdf manual, thanks,

Hi whitewolf,

I can't compile Arduino code because of this error:

Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno"

voice_activated_LEDS.ino:3:25: fatal error: BitVoicer11.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.

So, how can I connect BitVoicer and Arduino program?

Thank you :)

Exchange the Arduino program for the previous version, I switched to the "1.0.6" because the mine was giving compilation problem, and I did it and it worked.

I have solved it :). If anyone has the same problem with me, take a lock at BitVoicer_v12_Manual from page 18 to 19 for the answer.

Thanks the writter :)

Where I can download the bitvoicer library for the arduino software?

the library is available when you install bitVoicer, the program's installation folder, just copy and paste the Arduino library folder.

Hello, I have don everything..... but Arduino code is not downloading when I click the code it is opening in new tab. so can anyone give me a solution about this problem?? how can I download the arduino codes???

plz give me activation key for bitvoicer. otherwise the softwere does not works.