How many times have you pulled out of your driveway and gotten ten minuets down the road only to begin second guessing if you actually closed your garage or not? Problem solved! With this instructable you can check if your garage is closed or open and close or open it your self from anywhere in the world... Lets get started! 

Step 1: Materials

The great part about this project is that if you're surfing instructables.com you probably already have most of the parts required! 


- Bread board
- Jumper Wire
- Alligator Clips
- Small Diode (I used a 12V, 21mA one this should be fine as long as your garage door opener isn't running on a car battery)
- NPN Transistor (I used a 2N2222 but might vary a little based on your garage door opener)
- Small switch (I harvested this from an old printer)
- Arduino (I used a mega but any will work)
- Ethernet shield (Mine is from Seeedstudios)
- A garage door opener that works with your garage
<p>Hi there,</p><p>very interesting ! I guess you shorten the switch so the arduino just sends power to the remote or not to make it operate.? Could it work with a four switches remote ?</p>
I haven't seen anybody using a diode to control the current going to the base of the transistor, probably because a resistor would work way better. So if you drop the diode, and get a resistor of about 600 Ohm, you are controlling a transistor the traditional, proven, way. <br> <br>But the project overall is really cool!
I don't know electronics, but this seems very useful.

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