Introduction: Control Your Raspberry Pi 3 From IPad Etc.

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When I first got my Raspberry pi 3, i didn't have a proper monitor but i had an iPad so after scouring the internet for quite some time, I found how to use my iPad a a moniter/keyboard/Mouse.

You will need a screen, Mouse and keyboard to initially set the raspberry pi up

Some things may not appear on the screen of the VNC viewer such as the start-up command line, minecraft pi and the camera module.

NB: This works on the RPi3. It may work with other models but the instructions may differ.

(this is my first instructable)

Step 1: Configure the Raspberry Pi.

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Of course, first you'll want to turn on the raspberry pi and log on to any account with superuser privilages. Then you'll want to type into the prompt:

$ sudo raspi-config

(Note: do not type the $)

This will bring up a blue screen with a grey box within, using the arrow keys, go down to option 7- advanced options. Press enter.

You will come to a second screen. Press down until you get to option A5- VNC. Press enter. Go to yes. Enter (x2). Use the right arrow key to select finish. Enter.



To boot up the graphical interface.

Step 2: Configure VNC

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On the menu bar there will be white square with the letters VNC on it. Click on that (see image). A new screen will pop-up. At the bottom left corner of that there is a button labled "more" click on that. From the drop down menu press options. There will be a box on the new page. If it doesnt read VNC password, change it so it does.

Then click on "Users & Permissions" from the sidebar. Select a user then press password to create a password for the user.

Step 3: Connect to the RPi

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On the device you wish to connect t the RPi to, install the application VNC Viewer



Open the application and press the + symbol at the top right.

In the name section put in a name that you wish to identify the Rpi by and in Address you will need o put in the local IP address of the Pi (If you wish to control it from another network, go to and copy the address there). To get this you will need to go back to the raspberry pi and click on the VNC button. There will be a line on the window reading: "VNC Viewer users can connect using the address [Local IP address here]" copy that number into the Address line. Then press connect.

Ensure that the catchphrase shown and Signature shown match that on the VNC window of the Pi.

On username, type in the name of the account you set up a password fore (it will be what was in brackets) and in password, the password you set up. It should connect to the Raspberry pi.

Step 4: VNC Viewer

Here are some controls for VNC Viewer.

  • Drag to move the mouse
  • Tap to left-click
  • Two-finger tap to right-click
  • double tap and drag to drag
  • Tap to left-click
  • Two-finger tap to right-click
  • Drag with two fingers to scroll
  • three-finger tap to middle click.
  • to bring up your devices keyboard, tap the second option at the top (they keyboard icon)


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-06

That's a good idea. Tablets are a lot more convenient for working with mobile microcontrollers.

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