Hi guys! Today we are going to make own rain sensor for our cars. We will use arduino for this project. We will make only prototype for now.

If you share your idea with us, we will happy with you..:) Thank you..:)

Let's start..:)

Step 1: What Will We Need?

1- Arduino

2- Water - Rain Sensor

3- Servo Motor

Step 2: What Is the Water/Rain Sensor?

You can buy easily this sensor. You can find all websites. This is very cheap.

Okey, How does it work?

-It has a lot of metal shapes. If you drop water onto sensor, sensor will send analog messages to arduino.

We will connect this sensor to arduinos' analog pin. Also we have rainfall intensity. If rains slow; servo will work slowly.

It has got 3 pins and it works with 5V.

Pins are;




Step 3: Connections;

+Water Sensor to Arduino;

Signal to A0,

5v to 5v,

Gnd to Gnd,

+Servo to Arduino;

Signal to D9,

5v to 5v,

Gnd to Gnd,

Step 4: Codes;

You can get this work from this link;

>>> Wiper Code Download <<<

If you have an idea Please Share Us..:) Idea; What ever you thinking about..:)

We are expecting your comments..:)

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<p>Hi</p><p>At first nice work, but I do not know if this have real utilization. I mean rain sensor. This is how looks like sensor from china after some month and it do not work now.</p><p>Probably your will be same after some months somewhere outside.</p>
<p>Hi dear friend, I think you burned your sensor. You should get a new one:) </p><p>Did you use this in acid liquids?</p>

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