This Arduino Linear Actuator Tutorial shows how to control a Firgelli Small Linear Actuator using an Arduino compatible board and various input sensors, including a Slider and Rotation Knob for direct control, Joystick for incremental movement, and three buttons with preset positions (preset in the code with each position assigned to a button, so when a user pushes a button the small linear actuator moves to that position).

For Arduino Linear Actuator projects the small linear actuators by Firgelli are excellent. These linear actuators have an internal controller which allows them to be operated just like a servo. By using the Arduino Servo Library we can simply send out the desired position to the actuator and it moves to the position.

<p>$90 actuators :-( </p><p>Not for the average hobbyist.</p><p>I'll stick with servos.</p>
<p>It depends what's being built. There are hundreds of applications that require linear motion and these are less expensive then 95% of what's on the market.</p>
Is there any way to make the actuators move faster?
<p>There are several different models with different gearing options.</p>
<p>This genius! especially the mechanism. <br>Cheaper and prolly way more powerful than using air pressure.</p>
<p>Using a motorized linear actuator such as this one is less complicated, lighter, and certainly quieter than using a compressed air system for linear actuation. There are still cool things being done with air pressure and robotics though! Have you seen the Air Muscle? https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-air-muscles!/ It's pretty cool, but you need a pretty big air compressor if you're going to use more than one of them.</p>
<p>HaHaHa in my Opinion it is a little bit overkill using so many parts to squeeze a Ball, I would give it to my daughter she will squeeze, bite, throw.. it the whole day, or maybe in a few month my daughter would like to play with electronic stuff, she already play with all my projects....</p>
<p>Aww, she's adorable, and way better suited for squeezing a ball than a linear actuator. Your project looks cool! Is that a Raspberry Pi computer she's using?</p>
Yes it's in my instructables....
<p>Awsome, Thanks</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Great Instructable! Kinda high end for our projects but great to know where to look if we ever have the need.</p>
<p>Thank you! Yeah, linear actuators are pretty expensive to begin with, and we only carry well tested, quality checked ones, so that doesn't help much on entry level costs.</p>

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