Control Anything With Ps2 Controller and Arduino (wirelessly)





Introduction: Control Anything With Ps2 Controller and Arduino (wirelessly)

In this instructable you will learn how to control a led with a playstation 2 controller and an Arduino, but you can basically control anything you want.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
ps2 controller (wireless or not)

3x 1k resistors
2x 4.7uf capacitors
1x 10k resistor
1x lm2950 voltage regulator
1x zvn4602a mosfet
4x 1n4148 diodes

Step 2: Creating the Connection Cable

1) Cut off the male end of the cable (the one with pins, not holes).
2) with a continuity tester find out which pin corresponds to which cable as seen on the image.

Step 3: Make the Circuit and Connect It to an Arduino

1) Connect the J5 (Attention (Atn)) to pin 10
2) Connect the J6 (Command (Cmd) to pin 11
3)Connect the J8 Data to pin 12
4) Connect the J7 Clock (Clk) to pin 13

Step 4: Led

Attach the led to pin 7 and ground

Step 5: Software

1) copy the attached file to your arduino libraries folder
2) open the example file and upload it to your arduino

Step 6: Serial Monitor

you can also watch the buttons you press by opening serial monitor and setting the port to 57600



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    -brodylittle011: What you don't understand?
    -chrwei: The problem is that playstation controller use 3.3v while arduino uses 5v logic signals so what this circuit does basically is to translate 3.3v signals to 5v signal and the other way around (It's a logic translator). And yes it works with both wired and wireless controllers.

    Where do i get Arduino from?

    I am using a Play Station 2 Wireless Controller with Arduino NANO: I
    hooked up the wires as advise: I unloaded the PS2 Arduino code. The
    Receiver light comes on and blinks. I then turned on the PS2 Controller
    and pressed the start button. The light quits blinking. but sometime I open up the
    Arduino Serial Monitor and I am getting feed back: L3, R3, Start,

    Up, Right, LEFT, DOWN, L1, R1, L2, R2,Triangle

    Circle, Square, X etc… without my controlling ...everyone can help me ? please

    hay ....can u help me...i have question...
    can this project work at arduino mega ?

    hi.. is this like a software serial? will this timer conflict with servo library?

    unfortunately this could use some slightly better explanation of each step with more pictures. What about a wireless controller?

    can i know why do you put in ZVN4602A ?

    hello crisgt, i am from argentina, i have try this circuit but i can´t make it work. the material you say i need is 4x 1n4148 diodes but in the schema i see only 3 diodes. also i gone to buy 1x zvn4602a mosfet and this does´t exist , any replacement? . the colour of the wires of my female adaptor is not the same but it no matter , i connect it with the tester (multimeter) measuring the continuity. please help me , thanks

    Hello crisgt, i have get it to work, i follow the conexión from THE MIND OF BELL PORTER and now it show me the results in the monitor serial when i press on button of the controler. i just test your code to make switch on and off the led and it work perfect. Now i want to make move a servo progressively from one way to other and i can`t do it, please can you help me with this code ?

    Hi, i just realize that your component list does not tally with the amount used in the circuit. Does it optional or the correct amount is what used in the schematic? Plus, i`m still learning in applying schematic, so i guess from J1 to J4 is connected to the controller, right? And what does the Mosfet used in this circuit? I tried to google it, but your ZVN4602A doesn`t come out in the list. Please advise, thanks