Control Arduino Using Blynk Via Usb





Introduction: Control Arduino Using Blynk Via Usb

This is my second instructable. In this instructable i will show how to control LED's using Blynk.

Blynk is application which provides us dashboard as well as connectivity. which you can download it from google play store (for Android).& app store (for apple).using blynk you can control led from any where in world over internet.

for video guidance


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Step 1: Parts

1.Arduino Uno phone & computer.


4.latest arduino ide

Step 2: Blynk Setup

create an account on blynk app.then select buttons according to your requirement and select pins on which led is connected.

email your token to your gmail account.

Step 3:

Download Blynk library.

unzip this zip file and copy all the folders and paste it to arduino ide/ libraries.

then open the sketch in arduino ide from file "examles/blynk/bordandsheilds".select on Arduino serial usb.

then edit the sketch by entering


upload the sketch .

then search blynk-ser.bat file in


edit the line no. 6 enter your serial com no.

(In my case where COM7 is port with my Arduino)

then run the file.

DAM YOU ARE SUCCEFULLY CONNECTTED to blynk connect leds to arduino and

control leds any where in world.



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My Blynk app shows Device is Offline how to solve error

is same code applicable to blink 4 leds

This was easy and helpful!

Hi, I am using this with a Mac. When I tried to upload the sketch "Arduino_Serial_USB", it gives the error message saying that it doesn't recognize the file/directory "BlynkSimpleStream.h". I understand the tutorial is designed for Windows but do you know how I can fix this error message?

Thank You :)

Use latest arduino ide 1.6.12
I am little bit busy due to exams.
If you not able to resolve the problem then visit & post your problem here

Thanks it worked one more question if you have the time. My sketch is verified but won't upload to my Arduino. Is this just due to the fact that it is a big file? Should I expect to wait the whole night? Or is there something else wrong? It just constantly says "Uploading"

Thanks Again (I know you have exams)

Arduino just take 3-4 seconds to upload a sketch.if sketch compiles then it definitely uploadable.
are you able to upload simple blinking LED sketch.??
If not then Check
1)have you select right COM port.
2) driver's installed properly or not.
3)if both not work then your arduino is damaged.


Hi I tried to connect it via USB on my mac but it does not work :(

This is what it says in the Terminal. ANd on the app it says Arduino Mega is offline. Can someone help please? Thanks lot!

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 1.27.22 PM.png

Sorry ,i haven't mac.this guide is for Windows.
have to you closed Arduino ide serial monitor when terminal is open??
Have to entered right serial port no. in bat file ??

can we use this tutorial with arduino nano?