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This is a control liner. Basically a toy plane on a tether. I will show you how to build one from scratch. It's powered by a nitro engine. Materials you will need are music wire, light sheets of wood like balsa and ply wood, sign board, an engine and fuel lines and tank, a bell crank, metal weights, fishing line for the tether, a propeller, nuts and screw and a kite handle.

The tools are needed are pliers, a knife, a saw, hobby glue, a scissors, a drill and wrench. It took me two summers to build.

Step 1: Assembly

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This is the assembly process. First you cut the materials to shape according to the plans. Then you put the parts together, such as the body, tail and so on. Sand it down and you've got a plane.

Step 2: The Engine

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The engine I used is a Norvel .061 Big Mig. You mount the engine and fuel lines to the tank and mounted to the plane. Than you brake it in.

Step 3: Conclusion

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Now tie the tether to the control rods. Than tie the kite handel to the the tether. Now fly it and enjoy. The flights will be soon


zappenfusen (author)2015-07-19

thanks for the great instructions. I thought it would be hrd. Not fr mr. thnks agin!

rob21a (author)zappenfusen2015-07-20

Thank you

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-07-18

Cool airplane.

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