Picture of Control the Cord Kudzu - Martha MacGyver style
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All the many cords around our phones, i-devices and computers seem to grow like Kudzu!
If you are not familiar with Kudzu - it's a really aggressive plant which can take over - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudzu

To kill the Kudzu, here's a few variations of a cord tie that I have been using a great amount lately,

I say that this is done Martha MacGuiver style because this combines two often unrelated genres:
  1. Martha Stewart - crafting - "It's a good thing."  (that is her famous line)
  2. Macgyver - improvising under pressure with testosterone

These Cord Ties have proven to be REALLY useful.

Step 1: Simple Concept: Elastic and a Keeper

Picture of Simple Concept:  Elastic and a Keeper
All the variations you may see here are the same principle:
A closed loop of elastic is used to stretch around a bundle and then are held in place by some sort of keeper. 

You could use a simple rubber band.
Elastic with a cloth component works nicely.  See the round varieties as well as various widths of flat ones.
At the fabric store, it's sort of like pasta - you can get the really thin vermicelli or the broad lasagne noodles.
One thing that I found which works great:  ELASTIC HAIRBANDS
You can get them in multi-color packs.  Some heavier than others.
Wally World is a good place for them.

I have used buttons, dowel rods, pennies, nickels, wood beads, rings, plastic beads etc... 
The rings (like a keyring) are really nice because they are really easy to hang. 
After the cord is bundled up, just hang it by the ring.
Dowel rods are a nice source too.
marthabees2 years ago
PS - I am so stealing the "Martha McGyver" name......
marthabees2 years ago
Jeez - I love this. I have millions of little things in my classroom and home that need just this type of attention. And Martha McGyver is whom I feel like frequently, given the need to create on the fly and on the cheap in the classroom. Well done!
Soose2 years ago
Good idea, great tips. Making some of these for stocking stuffers for holiday along with some other cable keeper ideas from instructables. :)

Always looking for cable management ideas around here. Thanks!
ilpug3 years ago
Here's a tip: go find some old landline phones, or just their "pigtail" bouncy cords. Cut ten inch section of that cord, then wrap it around bundles of small cables. It's great for 5 or 4 USB cables.