Picture of Control your Computer... with a LASER!
Have you ever been annoyed because you have to get close to your computer when you use it? Have you ever wished for a wireless mouse, but never quite ended up buying one? Well here's a temporary solution for you!
This lets you control mouse motion (mouse clicks just added!) with an everyday $1 laser pointer from up to 20 feet away (and way, way further if you have a more powerful laser).
When choosing lasers, however, use caution. If you pick a way overpowered green laser (like one that can burn things and set matches on fire), you may end up damaging the optics on your mouse. All cheapo dollar store laser pointers are perfectly safe - just use caution on any laser you need to wear "lasershades" for.

You can read through the whole Instructable or just use the video below... ENJOY!

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NOTE: This Instructable has been updated to include mouse clicking!!! The video has also changed to incorporate this.

Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
Here's what you will need:

  • An optical mouse (I bet your computer already uses one)
  • A laser pointer (you can use a cheap $1 laser pointer0.
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YuganR4 months ago

how to solve the problem of inversion?

dhpmet1 year ago


MY 100 percent marks , congrats and thanks


fabiogn2 years ago
This is simply wonderful!!!! Great Idea! congrats.
bdubsrocks3 years ago
GOD JOB. Mac can do something useful
spystealth13 years ago
I think I noticed that the mouse movement is inverted in the video. You could probably fix this in the control panel, with a special program, or using a mirror. Also, you could probably use a cheap Fresnel lens to enlarge the beam. Very cool instructable.
TheHawkeye4 years ago
This can be drastically and easily improved with the use of a diffraction grating (or you could use a convex lens) placed in front of the laser pointer. You can buy laser pointers with a "star lens" (diffraction grating) that work very well with this. The star lens will spread the laser out into many (hundreds of) points with each able to interact with the mouse. This way you can move the laser without really worrying if your dot is close enough. If you use a convex lens (magnifying glass) it will spread the laser beam out to make a wider beam (but less bright); this method works too, but is not as good as with a diffraction grating. If you want the ability to click you will have to put the photo resistor far enough away from the mouse that it will not move the mouse and click at the same time.

Where to Buy
CaseBoy4 years ago
yo you should check out kipkay's channel. you can make a burning laser with that pointer you have!!
quincycy4 years ago
wah tak kiro apik mas....ternyata....
turner227 years ago
I have an apple mouse and the clicking part is a button. How do I solder the wire on if I can't find them?
easy, macs suck, therefore it's no possible :P
I think im just going to make a movie...without seeing the BSoD. Care to join me? Oh wait...
You're having BSOD's but i don't :P
You just have a degraded PC , period .
The thing is though , most people use their macs for a short time .
And people use their PC's for very long time
MJTH sbelardo7 years ago
I thought you said Easy Mac, and im like oh Yumm.
Mac's are ok, they just use different "electronics" in their hardware
icinnamon (author)  turner227 years ago
Unfortunately, I don't have an Apple mouse. Can you post a picture of the insides? Then I can help.....
Hackrtanman5 years ago
i started thinking....is it possible to increase the amount of sensors on the mouse? i got this idea when i thought of the wiimote white board, and thought i might be able to control the mouse via 3 or 4 sensors on the monitor, and my green laser pointer would be the tracked point.
Lupus4206 years ago
If you wanted to, could you also hook up another one of these to the right mouse button using the same procedure?
Why couldn't you? The only thing is you would have to keep the photo resistor away from the other one otherwise they would click both the mouse buttons.
I wonder if this could be even made to click the mouse button easier by addind a IR reviever and using a IR LED to click it. ANy way this could work without any other parts needed?
planeglory6 years ago
maybe if you put the laser inside and held a mirror you could shine it back onto the mouse but if someone walks into your room their eyes are screwed
chaosmaster6 years ago
my april issue of popsci was wrong and it was the april one to it was ian cinnamon
does the red LED play any role in this? or is it unnecisary when using a laserlight? have you or has anyone tested models without clear cases? and thank you, ive been trying to find a way to make a touchless mouse, i think im getting closer.
Poor you, I think... If you are who i think you are, PopSci spelled your name wrong.
icinnamon (author)  HardCoreHacker7 years ago
? Who do you think I am? And which popsci issue are you referring to? The April '08 one spelled it correctly
One of 'em said Iancinnamon
TheSaviour7 years ago
seems like a alot of work when you can just buy a wireless mouse but still pretty kool
I have a wireless mouse and they work, but they don't really work once you go too far away from the sensor. they are less sensative than the wiimotes and stuff.
Shut Up Now7 years ago
CONGRATZ ON POPSCI! thats where i saw this! i have already been using instructables tho. nice little trick ehh? good work +1
bigt46167 years ago
cool instructable, but one question, at the end, you played that vid that you where makeing.?!?!?!HOW?!?!?! LOL
eeeXsmart7 years ago
thats cool! first time i see something like it. great instructable!
eggmix7 years ago
Looks easy!! I wanna Try!
madhops06207 years ago
yeah i saw it in popsci too
xproplayer7 years ago
congrats on popsci article is a little small but its there!!!!
mspark4007 years ago
Great instructable but also congratulations on being in Popsci!!!! +1 just for that !
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago


icinnamon (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Isn't that amazing?!?!
I was so thrilled when they asked me to be in it...
For those who haven't seen the article, here you go...
PopSci article
The reason I looked this up was because I was Surprised to saw it in POPSCI.
yeah me too. But congrats!
Thats so awesome! You deserve a patch or shirt or something. Congrats!
icinnamon (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
thanks!!! but how did you get your popsci's already? I usually don't get it till 2 weeks before the month... (I got mine the early because I asked for one..)
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