Introduction: Control Your Music Wirelessly With a Logitech Mouse

Have you ever needed to control your music wirelessly? With a bit of software and a Logitech mouse, this is easy. We'll go over how to set up your mouse so that you can pause, skip, and replay until you run out of batteries.

Here's what you'll need:
Windows. Sorry, Mac fans.
A Logitech mouse. I used the V220.
SetPoint, a free download from Logitech that lets you change mouse functions.
A media player. I've included instructions for VLC, iTunes, and Windows Media Player.

Step 1: Pause

First off, we'll set up the mouse. This step details programming "Pause."
Start by opening SetPoint. You'll see a screen similar to that below. Under "2. Select Button," click on button 3. By default, this will say "Zoom."
Under "3. Select Task," choose "Keystroke Assignment." You can also select "Play/Pause," but this does not work for all media players.
Under 3a, type the applicable shortcut:
For iTunes and VLC, hit the spacebar.
For Windows Media Player, press Ctrl+P.

When music is playing, you now press down on the scrollwheel to pause.

Step 2: Next

Now, we'll be going over setting up the "Next" function. Under step 2, click on 5. By default, this says "Right Scroll." Again, choose keystroke assignment and input the following:
For VLC, type "n."
For iTunes, press Ctrl+Right.
For WMP, press Ctrl+F.

Now, when music is playing, nudge the scrollwheel to the right to advance to the next song.

Step 3: Previous

Some songs are just too good to play only once. In this step, we'll set up the "Previous" function. In SetPoint, choose 4 under step 2. Put the task as "Keystroke Assignment," and type the following:
For VLC, type "p."
For iTunes, Ctrl+Left.
For WMP, Ctrl+B.

Now, to start the current song over, nudge the scrollwheel left. Nudge it left twice to move to the previous song.

Step 4: How to Use Your Setup

It should be pretty simple from now on. Pressing the scrollwheel down pauses. Moving it to the right skips to the next track. Moving it to left left restarts the song. Left twice in a row skips to the previous song.

Step 5: Conclusion

The main purpose of this setup is to be able to control music wirelessly. Ideas for improvement:
-Make it so that you don't have to be in the program window to control the functions.
-Get an insane Logitech MX Revolution with a kirkvanhoefferpetamegapicogigabirkanfranzertakilobagizilion buttons and add controls. Other controls could be volume, fast forward, stereo balance, and a other useless junk.
-Make your mouse glow.
-Modify your mouse's case.

Got any other great ideas? Feel free to comment.


Korin166 (author)2010-08-11

Does it work with Foobar2000?

mason0190 (author)2010-07-25

does it work with logitech m350? BEST MOUSE EVER! the adaptor for it is about the size of a dime and there is a compartment for it INSIDE the mouse

imakethings (author)2009-06-22

can it work with mouse other than logitech?

ultrauber (author)imakethings2009-08-25

yah if you can program the buttons

andrew101 (author)imakethings2009-07-04

prolly, but u need different software

alexd619 (author)2009-05-03

haha my mouse is better... MX Revolution ohhhhh yeahhhh But still good instructable.

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