Control Your Cat





Introduction: Control Your Cat

Does your cat keep jumping onto the dining room table? Maybe it will gnaw on your hands and ankles? Learn how to control your cat in this Instructable.

Step 1: The Basics

This trick works on almost all cats. If your cat is doing any little thing bad, try the squirt bottle method. Every time he/she is being bad, squirt your cat. it will probably get mad and stop.

Step 2: Jumping on the Table

if your cat is like mine, it jumps on your table, most annoyingly when your eating. You can fix this by when ever the cat jumps on the table, sternly say no and put it on the ground. You may have to do this for a long time, but it should get the idea that no means off the table.

Step 3: Clawing

Luckily, if your cat claws your nice furniture, you have a couple choices. When your cat is old enough, you could have it declawed (you really only need the front claws out), or, a less expensive option is to get a scratching post. it will make the make the cat happy, but keep in mind that it still has sharp claws and is possibly more dangerous than without claws. NOTE: Karox3 pointed out to me that if you get your cat declawed, it is not as protected from other cats as it would be with claws. Due to the many people that have argued with me, I will also point out that declawing WILL temporarily hurt the cat. Depending on it's size and age, the healing stage could be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Step 4: Neutering or Spading

I have yet to find a picture for this one. If your cat pees on your walls, Spading or Neutering MAY stop it but check with your vet for options first. If your cat is a wild cat, Spading is pretty much the only option to stop your cat from possibly having babies (for females).

Step 5: Attacking

Does your cat attack you? That can be very painful depending on its strength and if it has claws or not. You should NOT attack back. That only encourages it. A Good way is with the squirt bottle but if your cat does not respond, it may just be normal. Kittens. If your attacking cat is a kitten, it is normal for them to attack. They usual outgrow it. Pain. If your cat is attacking, it may be because of aching joints, toothaches and things like that. Deprivation. if your cat is hungry or thirsty, it may get mad and attack you.

Step 6: Add on Instructable

If you have any extra steps you would like to add please PM me or post a comment. Mario 4 life!



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    it isnt the type of surgery performed, it is that the ENTIRE knuckle is removed!

    the cat is virtually crippled. some will perhaps forget the pain but it causes other problems, back problems, behaviour problems, cats use their claws to scratch at their litter, they cant without their claws, they will only have a stump of thin skin over bone. The best thing you can do it trim the cats nails then they dont desire to claw as much, get a scratching board, post or mat, if you cat claws on your furniture pick him or her up and put him on the scratch board. Wait till he is waking up, they always like to stretch and claw then, pick him up before he wakes fully and set him on the scratch mat or post front feet first, he will eventually get the idea. DONT DECLAW

    If anyone out there is not able and willing to treat their animal humanely, dont get an animal, it isnt rocket science

    weirdo62 you should not be posting about how to control a cat if you can not provide safe and humane means of doing so. Advocating for declawing is abuse and inhumane treatment of a cat. Vets do it for the money and to keep customers, whats your excuse?

    declawing is abusive, it is equivalent to cutting off your fingertips to the first knuckle. They know walk on the bone that is left that is covered by a thin piece of skin and scar tissue. Some cats are in pain the rest of their lives many are not kept by their owners as they can also have behaviour problems.

    With my stubburn stubburn cats, I have to snap my fingers in their ears until they get mad and get down. 

    Try shaking a can with marbles (or something other) inside. Usually the loud abrupt noise makes them move.

    If your cat is somewhere you don't want her, pick her up and put her on the floor, and say, "no"! Repeat as needed, until they finally get the idea that it's not acceptable behavior. If you are consistent, within a couple weeks, you'll have cats who don't climb on the table. As for declawing, I'm firmly in the anti-declaw camp. If you provide your cats with a variety of scratching surfaces, with varied textures, and both horizontal and vertical orientations. My hub and I are guardians to five cats (no-one OWNS a cat, lol), and we have a carpet-and-sisal-rope-wrapped cat tree, some of the cardboard scratchers--two flat, horizontal ones, one diagonal one, and one vertical one, plus two landscape timbers wrapped with carpet--backing side out!--and sisal rope. We rubbed all scratching surfaces with catnip, which encourages cats to use it, and whenever one of our cats tried to scratch the furniture, we Pickens the offender up, said, "no!", and then placed them on the nearest scratcher. And in a fairly short time, they got the idea, and with only a few lapses, they routinely use the scratchers instead.

    I'm a siamese cat breeder and I also rehome cats that other inconsiderate, self centred and cruel people have mutilated. I'm with all those who abhor de-clawing and ill treating an animal in any way. if you got a cat as a kitten because you thought it would be cute then found that you did not really care about it enoiugh to teach it to live in your environment...then I think thay you need to be re-educated in ethical human behaviour. Think first before you tell yourself it would be cool to have a cat. Cats ar.e one of the most intriguing creatures on earth. Like all creatures they have their ways...and they are not "bad" just because they upset your environment and want to treat it as their own! You brought them into your home with all your precious posessions...they don't know how humans expect them to treat their stuff. Its up to the human to teach the cat with smacking, you will alienate the creature and it will look to get its revenge on you...its the cat way.

    If you want an animal you need to learn about that animal's ways and work out how you can co-exist with it...without expecting the animal to pay you and your ways won't, it has dignity and pride too. You are supposed to be the intelligent learn about your proposed animal companion before you get it!

    A friend of mine admired the harmonious relationships I had formed with my domestic companions and she got a kitten. She thought she'd have the same raport with her kitten as I had with mine...She didn't! It was inside until she got sick of having to teach it to live with her then she chucked it outside to fend for itself. My opinion of her as a human being went way down and the friendship was seriously injured...what kind of a person was she under all that (whate appeared to be now) just superficial 'sweetness and light' camoflaging a very selfish nature.

    I'd minded the kitten for her once when she went she left it alone, cold and unfed one week end...Guess where the kitten came to?
    One night at 3a.m it was on my back deck soaking wet and and hungry with sore bloodied paws because it had walked a long way, meowing to be let in....It knew where it would be treated properly and it had only stayed here once and it had come by car that time! Tell me that cats don't suffer if we don't treat them well! Tell me that humans are superior creatures! Compared to cats some of us are really lacking and are pretty discusting and self-serving.

    I had a long reply to you & for some reason it wouldn't send & then disapeared when I tried to re-send it.
    So, I will just tell you my very last sentence, which was...In the cat's eyes you are his/her hero & in my eyes you are a hero as well!!
    Thank you for saving that baby!