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m74murray3 years ago
People be nice. it is an alternative to getting rid of your INDOOR cat that is destroying every thing you own IE expensive furniture, or sending them outside to fend for them selves with other cats, dogs, people, cars, and wild animals. Also didn't see where he said it was ok he said it was an option. if your rescue cats are getting infections its due to the lack of care to the previous owners gave or the vet that did a crappy job. Try the sawdust pellets they are more sanitary and should help your kitties from getting more infections. :-)
Many cat misbehaviors are the result of stress or illness.  If your cat pees in the middle of your bed, it is not "mad" at you.  It is probably upset about some change in the environment (new food, your absence, new pets/people, even a new brand of cat litter) or it may have a urinary tract infection. 

There is a product called Feliway that emits cat pheremones into the air of your home from a little plug-in unit like a night light.  These pheremones give your cat a sense of well being and elminate many problems, including spraying, peeing, clawing and fighting with other cats.  We use it whenever we have a change of roommates, until our cats get used to the new person and the smell of his/her stuff (which sometimes includes the scent of cats or dogs from their previous home).  If you take your cat traveling, I would recommend bringing some along, too.  Feliway is somewhat expensive, but well worth it.  Don't buy it at a pet shop--Rip City.  Online is the way to go.  I have done a lot of looking around and buy mine at Entirely Pets.  (I hope it is not considered "advertising" to share this info here.)

BTW:  Declawing your cat is not like clipping your fingernails.  It is the equivalent of amputating the last joint of each of your fingers.  The vet does not just "take out" the claws.  It HURTS--A LOT.  It leave the cat vulnerable to attacke by dogs, other cats, raccoons and possums.  It will be unable to climb a fence or tree to escape, or to fight back.  Declawing should ONLY be done for INDOOR ONLY cats.  Another alternative for the die-hard clawer is a product called Soft Paws.  These are little plastic caps, shaped like a dull claw, that you glue onto the ends of your cats claws.  They have to be replaced every month or so.  Again:  expensive, but totally worth it if you are, for instance, visiting someone else's house and don't want your cat to be unwelcome.  Try the Feliway first, as it can solve multiple problems for about the same cost and is easier.

I hope this helps...  I hope it dissuades at least a few people from declawing their trusting companions.

How can you say that declawing indoor cats is some how okay?

Declawing a cat is inhumane and cruel.

we rescued two cats that were declawed and now they have problems with their paws hurting and the one gets an infection every now and again where a claw was.
weirdo62 (author) 5 years ago
Thank you. I actually have a next door neighbor named denise and she loves cats.