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This is my first instructable so i'm sorry if its not the best. Have you ever wan't to sit on your sofa or bed and control your Mac or Windows devices the easy way. This instructable will teach you how to completly control your coputer with your Ipod touch or Iphone.



Step 1: Instructions

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the first thing you will need is a iphone or ipod touch with the new iphone software installed on it and from the applications store download VNC lite on to it. (don't worry the download of the VNC software is free) you will get the update on the Itunes website (iphone software 2.0 or higher)

second make sure you have a wirelss router conecting all your devices up

third install VNC Lite on your Mac or Windows based computers

click on this link to download VNC lite on your computer
software link
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jreeve172 years ago
I have a mac and when i try to download the vnc lite on it, it gives me the windows version. Can i have the right link or can you tell me what i am doing wrong?
nsweeten3 years ago
First of all, I cannot connect. When I put in the wrong IP it immediately denies access. When I put in the correct IP it ends up "thinking about it" for a while, before denying access. I cannot get this to work even at home in my own wifi area.

Speaking of which, is that the problem? Does the router cause problems for me?

If and when I get this working, can I leave my computer at home and go off to a wifi enabled hotspot? Or do I have to stay inside a local wifi area for it to work?
MaJonesy (author)  nsweeten3 years ago
The problem could be from you own network. I had a similar problem when I first set-up mine. The way I made sure was to try it out a mates house, it ended up working then for both, (I don't really know the reason why but it did)...

Also if you do get it working, you should be able to access your computer from any wifi enabled hotspot, anywhere in the world... Not just your own network,,,
JamesMinnow3 years ago
Can you give me the link to the app for the iPhone
3216bagwell4 years ago
how do i know my ip address and answer fast please
MaJonesy (author)  3216bagwell4 years ago
if you don't know your ip address, try this site "whatismyipaddress.com", or do a google search for "my ip address"...
wow thanks i found it i guess i just have an old version of vnc
hying4 years ago
I did EVERYTHING you said to do, but on my iPod, it's is in viewers' mode and no input given. Please answer me soon as you can.
MaJonesy (author)  hying4 years ago
I have heard about this problem happing with a few people, that's why I direct them to a newer version of this intructable, hopefully something on that page should be able to help...

I would look into it further but my ipod touch in is disrepair and waiting to be fixed...

Link: HERE
Cabla5 years ago
 okay. and why dont i just use TeamViewer? sure the full version is one hundo bucks but there is a free one that works quite well.
i'm on it now:D the only problem is the server keeps timing out because you can only have a short session at a time :S other than that it is good
MaJonesy (author)  freerunnin14 years ago
It shouldn't really be timing out, however if your wifi is weak in certain areas this can occur, try keeping it in one place and if the problem isn't resolved I'm sure they have an answer on their site... XD
freerunnin14 years ago
I can't find it on the app store :O can you please reply the exact name you have to type in to find it thanks in advance
joemarc374 years ago
Okay well i can control my computer from my own wifi. But what I do so that I can control my omputer from another wifi spot lets say MC Donalds or another wifi from another house. Please answer A.S.A.P.
TheFawns5 years ago
never apologize for your work :) u did a good job thanks, keep it up 
epicsurfjr26 years ago
can u use windows vista or xp of just mac os
MaJonesy (author)  epicsurfjr26 years ago
you should be able but if not tell me
which download for vnc full?
LoudDJ5 years ago
dude i did everything in the instructions but everytime i try to connect. error keeps popping up. and i deleted the numbers that were in the port which you said to leave empty so i deleted them
volcom4life5 years ago
wut is the default password my computer wont let me change it
MaJonesy (author)  volcom4life5 years ago
There really shouldn't be a password try putting anything in it and if it doesn't work you may of done something wrong when you installed it. Try reinstalling it and then place your own password in.
I got it fixed thanx
MaJonesy (author)  volcom4life5 years ago
your welcome
okay, the program works when im on my network, but how would i use the vnc when im at like my friends house who lives across town?
MaJonesy (author)  MrCantThinkOfAName6 years ago
If your computers turned on at home and also connected to the internet you should be able to access it from any location in the world as long as that location they have a internet connection.
awesome tried it and it worked first time! :)
BMXboii6 years ago
How do you put this program on the Ipod touch 2g? I downloaded it on my computer and everything. But how do you upload it onto your itouch? Plz reply :) Thx Alex
MaJonesy (author)  BMXboii6 years ago
download it from the app store
Oh. Thx. I didn't even think of that. :D
so these kids are where our tax money is going. were paying these teachers to educate these kids and we get guys like bmxboii who cant accomplish the simplest tasks. way to go!
MaJonesy (author)  BMXboii6 years ago
ur wecome
tanmanknex6 years ago
okay i did exactly what you said to and it won't work. why?
nevermind... slightly got the ip wrong... off by one #
Remember to forward port 5900 (the VNC port) or whatever other port you may want to use in your router if you want to be able to control your PC anywhere outside of your local network. The 192.168.x.x addresses only work within your local network because they are provided by your router. Port forwarding will let VNC connections from the Internet to your router (Internet IP) go through to your PC. This is only necessary if you have a router, if your PC is connected directly to a modem or has its own Internet IP, it will already be open to Internet connections. With Internet VNC, you can connect to your PC from anywhere (a friend's house, your dorm room, relatives house, school, Internet cafe's, etc).
Wait, do what now? Sorry I'm not so technological minded. If you could explain that would be great.
Oh, and you can also do this with Windows Mobile based Pocket PC's and smartphones, they too have a VNC Viewer program. I use my Dell Axim x50v to check up on my dorm room PC's downloads while I'm in class.
Mr. Twist6 years ago
it says theres an error and it cant connect to my ip address
not all ip addresses start with 192.168
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