the project idea was to proof that you can control your home lighting system using only your voice commands , so the 3 LEDs in the project represents different systems in our home as an example .

Step 1: Components

1-Arduino uno
3-3 LEDs (different colours )

Step 2: Connect the Arduino and Upload the Code

Step 3: Connect the Circuit As Shown Below

Step 4: Connect the 1sheeld to Your Smartphone

Open 1sheeld app and connect the app with your 1sheeld then open "voice recognition " shield

Step 5: Press"tap to Speak : and Then Say "play "the 3 Leds Will Turn on

Step 6: You Can Turn Them Off by Saying

Step 7: Only Turn the Blue One by Saying

Step 8: the Yellow One by Saying

Step 9: And Finally the Green One by Saying

<p>Working with 1sheeld is pretty awesome, instead using arduino shield and sensors.<br>they are all integrated in this shield that uses every sensor in the connected smart phone.<br></p>
<p>Cool project.</p>
<p>thank you </p>

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