Introduction: Controlline Airplane

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This is my control line plane. a toy that's been around ever since the 40's. I'll show you how to build one

Step 1: Concept and Build

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This is my control line plane which took me two years to build. I got the plans at an air show demonstration.

To build it me and my dad used sign board, wood, hobby parts, and sheet metal

Step 2: Build and Adjustments

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The build was from scratch. You can get the plans from the aero modelling association web site. To build it we used a hobby knife, glue, a saw, and scissors.

Step 3: The Engine

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I got a Cox .49 engine, shown here. It will power my airplane. The mount will have to be changed to fit the engine.

Step 4: Last Adjustments and Flight

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When the engine is installed, check the center of gravity, make sure it's balanced. Attach the tether and fly it.

Don't fly it on windy days, near people, vehicles, trees, or buildings.

Step 5: Flights

Picture of Flights

This was a glide test. Flight without the engine


priaps (author)2016-05-26

Nice plane.
I have a couple of queries.
1) Do you have airfoil shaped main wing?
2) Will you be installing your engine/motor with a slight downward thrust angle?

zencuke (author)priaps2016-05-30

Airfoil not required for a control line plane. Very forgiving. It is like swinging a rock on a string. Even the motor is optional. I'm an old guy and back in the day I remember one guy winning a speed contest AFTER his engine died. They changed the contest rules after that one. You can get pretty dizzy flying these things.

priaps (author)zencuke2016-05-31

@zencuke: thanks for your reply. This makes perfect sense now.

AlexAndAmigos (author)2016-05-24


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-05-23

Fun DIY airplane design. do you have any shots of it in action?

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