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The InterbotiX Arm Link Software provides a simple interface for Arduino-Compatible Robot Arms. Using this software you can control the Robot Arm via a variety of movement modes including Cartesian IK mode, Cylindrical IK mode, and Backhoe/Joint mode.

In addition to directly controlling your Robot Arm, the Arm Link software can also activate digital outputs, read analog inputs, play motion sequences, and display webcam feeds.

This software is offered as a simple control solution for these Robot Arms as well as an example for individuals who wish to integrate the Robot Arms into their own applications and systems. InterbotiX Arm Link is an open source program written in Java in the Processing environment. The Arm Link Software is currently compatible with:

For this instructable, we will cover the setup and usage of a RobotGeek Snapper Arm with the Arm Link Software. If you'd like to set up one of the InterbotiX arms, you can follow this guide, which will get you set up with the proper firmware for your robot arm.

Step 1: Set Up Your Robot Arm Hardware

The RobotGeek Snapper Robot Arm Kit comes with all of the robotic hardware you need for this instructable - you'll just need a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

This project can also be done with the RobotGeek Snapper Core Arm Kit, assuming that you have your own microcontroller, power supply and wiring.

Follow the Getting Started Guide and Assembly Guide to build your robot arm.

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