Picture of Controlling Arduino Yun with Yun Buddy
This is a simple tutorial to show how to set up Yun Buddy.
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Step 1: Get the Arduino Yun on your network

Picture of Get the Arduino Yun on your network
If you are using a cable all you have to do is connect the Yun to your router.

If you are using wifi it gets a little more difficult.

By pressing and holding the wifi reset button on the board for 3 seconds the board will be set up as a device that your computer will be able to connect to.

Once connected point your browser to arduino.local.

Here you can configure your device to your network settings

Step 2: Uploading the "Bridge" example to the board

Picture of Uploading the
Open the Arduino IDE. 

Make sure it is the latest version that supports Yun found here

n the menu go to Tools->Ports->Your Yun

Next go to File->Examples->Bridge->Bridge

Upload the sketch

Step 3: Connecting Yun to Yun Buddy

Picture of Connecting Yun to Yun Buddy
Open the Yun Buddy App and ensure that your device and Yun are connected to the same network.

Enter the name of your device that you set when configuring the Yun

The default name is "arduino"

You can also use the IP address of the Yun.

Step 4: Controlling the Yun

Picture of Controlling the Yun
iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 28, 2013 11.24.12 PM.png
Once the two have connected you will have the option to change digital and analog values as well as read them.

tedlawson2 months ago

Yun bubbly crashes first time you hit a button?

Any suggestions?


Hola, tengo un pequeño problemita espero que me puedan ayudar

a mi tarjeta Arduino Yun le di reset a la conexión wifi, cuando quise entrar para su reconfiguracion a Internet vía inalambrica me manda la pagina de panel de control

y solo me pide un password, en la pagina de Arduino encontré que es Yun-XXXXXXX

donde la X es la mac-address, pero le ingreso la el password pero no me deja accesar para su configuración

tambien encontre dando la ip /arduino me manda un mensaje y me dice que introduzca un nombre y un password,

espero que me puedan asesorar que pueda reconfigurar la conexion wifi via inalambrica



ThingMUSE1 year ago

Very cool application!

This instructables page is pretty thin. You don't show anywhere in the instructions where to get it or any details on what it is. The video link is broken too.

Is it IOS only? I'm looking for an android version.

Where is the app?

TheGreenToaster (author)  edward.young1 year ago

nerd74731 year ago
very cool if the yun was cheaper I would own one