This is a simple tutorial to show how to set up Yun Buddy.

Step 1: Get the Arduino Yun on your network

If you are using a cable all you have to do is connect the Yun to your router.

If you are using wifi it gets a little more difficult.

By pressing and holding the wifi reset button on the board for 3 seconds the board will be set up as a device that your computer will be able to connect to.

Once connected point your browser to arduino.local.

Here you can configure your device to your network settings

<p>when you connect to the Yun, the app crashes! </p>
<p>I loaded the app to a iPhone 4s and 6plus andI can not make it connect. Both the Yun and the iPhone are on the same network.</p><p>Also the stretch on the Arduino site can not be downloaded. Can I find the sketch elsewhere</p><p>Thanks</p><p>Max</p>
<p>Yun bubbly crashes first time you hit a button?</p><p>Any suggestions?</p><p>Ted</p>
<p>Hola, tengo un peque&ntilde;o problemita espero que me puedan ayudar</p><p>a mi tarjeta Arduino Yun le di reset a la conexi&oacute;n wifi, cuando quise entrar para su reconfiguracion a Internet v&iacute;a inalambrica me manda la pagina de panel de control</p><p>y solo me pide un password, en la pagina de Arduino encontr&eacute; que es Yun-XXXXXXX</p><p>donde la X es la mac-address, pero le ingreso la el password pero no me deja accesar para su configuraci&oacute;n</p><p>tambien encontre dando la ip /arduino me manda un mensaje y me dice que introduzca un nombre y un password,</p><p>espero que me puedan asesorar que pueda reconfigurar la conexion wifi via inalambrica</p><p>saludos </p><p>Noe</p>
<p>Very cool application!</p>
<p>This instructables page is pretty thin. You don't show anywhere in the instructions where to get it or any details on what it is. The video link is broken too. </p><p>Is it IOS only? I'm looking for an android version. </p>
<p>Where is the app? </p>
very cool if the yun was cheaper I would own one

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