Controlling DC Motors(PC Fans) With Arduino and Relay Board




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Introduction: Controlling DC Motors(PC Fans) With Arduino and Relay Board

In this instructable we will see without going into detail , how to use 12V DC motors(PC Fans) with Arduino and relay board eBlock

Step 1: Setting Up Hardware and Software

To Make it we need some hardware you can find on the Internet :

( images from Google )

-Some resistors( whatever it dosn't matter)

-Some push buttons

-Two PC Fans

-Arduino Uno(of course) with the Arduin software

-Some wires(at least 10)

-BreadBoard(Without the bread :) )

-And the Relay Board

Step 2: Wiring the Stuff

There are some skectches wich show you the principal how to wire all the parts

You can find the datasheet of the relay board here and how to wire push buttons with resistors and arduino here .

Step 3: Coding and Have Fun !

You can download the Arduino Software and the code here

Thank you very much !



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    You're right. This is a friend who asked me to do this tutorial.