Introduction: Controlling Explosions in Minecraft( Pocket Edition Too!)

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Hey guys , today , im going to show you HOW(?) To Control Explosion(s) In Minecraft..

Step 1: Things You Need.

TNT As many as you want
Water Buckets ( Depending on size of The Explosion)
Any Block(Depend on size)

Step 2: Placing TNT.

Picture of Placing TNT.

Simply dig One block (I prefer it) down and Place TNT in it.

Step 3: Explosive 'Cap'

Picture of Explosive 'Cap'

Dig One Block down on all sides of the TNT block as shown in the pictures and Place any Block (I used clay to make it visible)..

Step 4: Controller..

Picture of Controller..

Dig another block down and place water in it ( Up to you)..After doing so , Just light the TNT with Flint and Steel , it will explode without damaging anything nearby , Pick the water back and See the result..

Step 5: Result!!

Picture of Result!!

See , this is how it looks , thanks for Watching and Please Comment!


witherman (author)2016-04-08

there is no use for this.

mattbenai (author)2015-08-27


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