Introduction: Controlling Intel Edison With Custom Android App Through Internet.

¬°Hello everyone, I hope this project will help you to make your own Smart Home controlled through Internet!

The project consists in a Smart Home system controlled through Internet by an Android application designed by me. Steps forward I explain how you can modify it or if you want only download the application of course you can.

Here there are some points to explain the project's target:

  • If you live in a very cold country, where it snows for example, maybe is not a good idea to leave the heater turned on all the day with the purpose of that when you arrive at home after working hours your home will be warm. Imagine you can turn on the heater through your own cell-phone exactly before you leave your office.
  • Today you are going to arrive later home, but you did not leave any light turned on so as to pretending that there is someone at home. No problem also with your cell-phone you can turn it on and the TV also if you want, with the purpose of add more realism of that there is a person at home.
  • Hot weather also will not be a problem, you are able to turn on the fan or the air condition or whether you prefer open the windows before you arrive at home.
  • You do not know if you left the stove turned on?, no problem your cell-phone will tell you.
  • Do you want to get home and that the coffee is ready? or Do you want to get home and that the water heater is ready?. Yes, you also can will do it.
  • Things like these and more, such as activate an alarm, check the home with a camera, etc., you will be able to do it with this Instructable.

The system in this Instructable sends and receives data through the Internet to an Intel Edison and a camera IP to check the house. Intel Edison is able to control appliances (or other devices) such as: a coffee maker, a fan, a lamp, a water pump, etc. and it is able to check the signal sent by sensors such as: temperature sensor, motion sensor, gas sensor, etc. All of this you are able to check and control with your own tablet or cell-phone.

Before starting I want you to know something: local IP address plus local port is the way you can get access to a device only in your network (LAN), so in this way the device can not be controlled through Internet.

The external (Internet) IP address plus the external port is the way you can get access to a device through Internet (WAN).


itsmealex56 (author)2016-01-25

Hi, this is so great. May I read your detailed project? thank you :)

itsmealex56 (author)2016-01-25

Hi, this is so great. May I read your detailed project? thank you :)

shrutip4 (author)2015-12-24

Very much useful thing.... Please provide a code for same..... Thank You

hannad (author)2015-12-21

hi Andreita56

I think there is a problem in this page its not complate

joystan rolan dsouza (author)2015-10-24

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Thank you, please share the Instructable with friends :) if possible.

seamster (author)2015-10-22

Great info, very nicely presented. Thank you!

Andreita56 (author)seamster2015-10-22

Thak you :D

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