Introduction: Controlling MeArm Using Mobile Application - Arduino and OneSheeld

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I was in internship organized by Integreight And i made this as part of it

I need your opinion and i wish i can help you by publishing this.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

Collect the following list of things

1. MeArm Robot Arm
You can buy it from any store you prefer.

2. Arduino UNO

3. Test Board

4. Arduino USB cable

5. +5v output converter

6. 1sheeld Board

7. 15 male-male wires

Step 2: Download 1sheeld Mobile App

Picture of Download 1sheeld Mobile App

You will need mobile Application to communicate with your hardware

You can download it from here

Step 3: Load the Code on the Arduino

Picture of Load the Code on the Arduino

I have shared the code on and you can find it here

Copy and Paste the code to your Arduino ide

Load the code to your Arduino and then but the sheeld on it as the pic shows

Step 4: Connect the Circuit

Picture of Connect the Circuit

Connect all power terminals (Red wires) of the servo motor's with +5v

Connect all ground terminals (Brown wires) of the servo motors with the ground

Connect the ground pin on the sheeld with the ground too

Connect the control wires from the servo motors as follow:

base to pin 8

shoulder (on the right) to pin 9

elbow (on the left) to pin 10

hand to pin 11

Step 5: Connect With the App

Picture of Connect With the App

Press scan and you will see the available list of sheelds

Choose your one, and enable the GamePad as you see

Press the shield icon on the top right of the app to see your Game Pad

You are now connected with the Arm Robot

Step 6: Play and Let Us See

Now use the Application and play with your arm, share it with your friends and let me see if i could help you.


jyeon1 (author)2016-02-14

that's great ??

Ammar Atef Ali (author)jyeon12016-03-01

that is the link for my instructable

Ammar Atef Ali (author)jyeon12016-02-14

I'm really happy you liked it


mal-hd (author)2016-02-20

Its nice I have made something similar you can see it on instructables, but I have programmed a python app and connected it to a database, so I can store the locations and ask the arm to get back to that location automatically

Ammar Atef Ali (author)mal-hd2016-02-21

I think that is more useful
Can you give me the link for your instructable?

mal-hd (author)Ammar Atef Ali2016-03-01

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