Controlling a SaikoLED myki (or Arduino Leonardo) with a Simple Button Box -- using the ICSP header

Picture of Controlling a SaikoLED myki (or Arduino Leonardo) with a Simple Button Box -- using the ICSP header
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Welcome! Today we're going to explain how to build a controller with 3 buttons that connects directly to an Arduino Leonardo-compatible board--in this case, the myki light from SaikoLED. More information on the Leonardo is available here and in this Instructable.

You will need the following tools:

- Smallish/Needlenose Pliers (Leatherman worked great!)
- Exacto knife or razor blade or small scissors
- (optional) soldering iron and hair dryer/rework blower


- A cleaned and dried cylindrical takeout container with lid (or any other container of appropriate size)
- 3 arcade pushbuttons e.g. these from sparkfun
- 4 of 12 in / 30cm lengths of ~22 gauge wire
- 1x6-pin ICSP ribbon cable, or 4x female-female .1" pitch jumper cables 
- (optional) solder and/or heatshrink tubing


- A SaikoLED myki light (available via crowdsupply)
- An Arduino Leonardo setup with red, green, and blue LEDs connected to PWM ports
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Step 1: Gather and Select your Buttons

Picture of Gather and Select your Buttons
"Pick a button, any button, don't tell me what it is..."

If you're going to use the ICSP header like we will be, there are only 3 GPIOs to work with, so short of using a
"Parallel-input, serial output shift register" to multiplex the inputs, we're limited to 3 buttons.

Step 2: Cut holes in box/container

Picture of Cut holes in box/container
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Take your buttons one at a time, and figure out where to place them. It might be helpful to remove the ring (if you button has one) or cut a piece of paper to size so that you can trace the path to cut with your knife. 

Remember with a blade to cut on a surface with scrap underneath. If you must cut in the air, make sure the blade is always facing and moving away from you.

Step 3: Place the Buttons into their New Positions

Picture of Place the Buttons into their New Positions
Put your buttons in their new homes. Make sure you leave space for the wires and for the top to close.
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dmt (author)  dmt2 years ago
More fun with the ICSP header on the SaikoLED blog.

Hoping to make a regular thing of it, so let me know if you have ideas or want to help!