Welcome! Today we're going to explain how to build a controller with 3 buttons that connects directly to an Arduino Leonardo-compatible board--in this case, the myki light from SaikoLED. More information on the Leonardo is available here and in this Instructable.

You will need the following tools:

- Smallish/Needlenose Pliers (Leatherman worked great!)
- Exacto knife or razor blade or small scissors
- (optional) soldering iron and hair dryer/rework blower


- A cleaned and dried cylindrical takeout container with lid (or any other container of appropriate size)
- 3 arcade pushbuttons e.g. thesefromsparkfun
- 4 of 12 in / 30cm lengths of ~22 gauge wire
- 1x6-pin ICSP ribbon cable, or 4x female-female .1" pitch jumper cables 
- (optional) solder and/or heatshrink tubing


- A SaikoLED myki light (available via crowdsupply)
- An Arduino Leonardo setup with red, green, and blue LEDs connected to PWM ports

Step 1: Gather and Select Your Buttons

"Pick a button, any button, don't tell me what it is..."

If you're going to use the ICSP header like we will be, there are only 3 GPIOs to work with, so short of using a
"Parallel-input, serial output shift register" to multiplex the inputs, we're limited to 3 buttons.

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