Introduction: Conversation Starter

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Conversation Starter

Gebruikte materialen:

PLA 3D filamen

t2x 3mm Multiplex hout 70cmx40cm


Gebruikte tools:

Hardware Wanhao 3D Printer




3x LED (kleur naar keuze)

eventuele weerstanden

1x 9V batterij1x AA batterij

1x micro draaimotor 1.5 V



Solidworks 3DCAD

Adobe Illustrator

Step 1: Lasercut Wood

Picture of Lasercut Wood

Go to and download the file to lasercut the wooden panels for the box. Dimensions are 200x120x80

Lasercut hole in the top panel to make place for 3 LED's and the switcher

Step 2: Lasercut Gears

Picture of Lasercut Gears

You can cut as much gears as you want to decorate the box. Sizes are also variable.

However the 2 natulis (shell) gears should be precise

Step 3: Put Everything Together

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Use hot glue to put the LED's in position and don't forget the switch!

Step 4: 3D Print

Picture of 3D Print

To keep the micromotor in place in the box, 3d print the included file or change dimensions when needed

Step 5: Wiring Up!

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Start connecting the electrical wires and keep them in place with hot glue

Step 6: Putting in Place

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Wiring everything in place and connect the wires to the micromotor, switch, batteries and LED's

Step 7: Final

Picture of Final

Glue the panels together ACCEPT the top one. This will make the box accesible to change batteries.

The shell gears are glued, one on the motor and one on a toothpick. The holes for the micormotor and toothpick should be lasercut on the front panel


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-07-02

Cool. That would definitely start some good conversations.

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