This is what came out of my attempt at combining some of my favorite tools and themes...Grasshopper, 3D printing, kinetic motion, and linguistics. I put these gloves on my friends, asked them to tell me a story, and used Grasshopper to record the data from their hand gestures. While these gloves are far from precise instruments, they still produced some interesting forms which I later 3d printed.

Step 1: Grasshopper Script

I used the Firefly add-on in order to receive input from Arduino and Kinect in Grasshopper. Two Arduino Megas track finger positions and hand rotation while a Kinect tracks each hand's movement through space.

<p>This is awesome! What did you use for the sensors on the hands / fingers? Working on a similar data glove.</p>
<p>Very clever idea!</p>
This is totally amazing! Such a neat idea!
Awesome work!
<p>This is awesome, I would love to feature this project, mind including some more text explaining what is happening in your steps 3-10?</p><p>Cheers!</p><p>Aurdrey</p><p>Instructables.com Community Manager</p>
<p>I would be honored if you featured my project. I added some more text...Please let me know if anything needs further explanation. Thanks so much!</p>
fantastic idea <br>reminded me of a movie where deaf girl wanted to become a ballerine, while performing really good in night clubs as a dance battle'r she couldn't enter ballet classes. And then a guy invented a cool audiovisual installation which interpreted her gestures into a sound )
Possibility of a sign language vocalizations?

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