Picture of Conversational (edible?) underwear
Who would've ever thought Conversational Hearts and Smarties candies would find a use outside of tooth decay?

With just a little imagination you can create a set of Tastie Pasties and Smartie Pants!

Step 1: Define: "Underwear"

Picture of Define:  "Underwear"
"Underwear" in this Instructable is limited to Tasty Pasties (upper) and Smartie Pants (bottom)

Research has uncovered the following...

- Pasties (sing. 'pastie') are adhesive coverings applied to reveal as much breast as possible without being entirely topless.

- a G-string (or gee-string) is a type of underwear that covers the genitals, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips.

While a G-string it can be worn as underwear by both men and women it is not clear as to whether Pasties are limited to just one sex.

To please both sides of the aisle, Tasty Pasties and Smartie Pants have been crafted with the needs of the uni-sex underwearer in mind.
Possumeth4 years ago
But won't you get some sort of infection?
Hellchild5 years ago
it gives you the energy to get it on after you've eaten it! :D
hishealer5 years ago
I am so gonna make these for the hubbyman.  Um... yeah, I'll be the one wearing them, not him...
PS they can stick a little too well to skin, so assistance in removal is a good thing.  A little warm water to keep it PG.
trynosky6 years ago
What a wonderful way to say, "you're mine"
chazman16 years ago
If I ever had to eat "underwear", these would be the ones.
paulhogan6 years ago
This is totally outrageous... and completely hilarious! Great job!
kolowinter6 years ago
WOW!!! This is incredibly original! (If you ever use your model again, you might consider a white background -- but then again, maybe your model wanted to be invisible? I wish I had seen this a week ago -- It would have made a terrific gag (and I mean GAG!) gift for my single female friends. I plan on buying some hearts 90% off after V-Day so they are super stale for next year's project. Who says you can't have fun on Valentine's day if you don't have love???? This is definitely a winning craft!
ccbarrett6 years ago
Oh no you didn't! Who was the test model?
kcli (author)  ccbarrett6 years ago
my husband's sister...
ccbarrett kcli6 years ago
It refreshing - and sort of scary - to see this streak in you! LOL!
So wrong, lol! Could make for a fun Valentine's Day, though :)
kcli (author)  inventorjack6 years ago
Yeah, I figure not everyone celebrates VD the same way.
Meier6 years ago
Terrific idea as long as your partner isn't on a diet. I would recommend a Brazilian wax as step #1.
kcli (author)  Meier6 years ago
Great idea...looking forward to your Instructable on giving yourself a Brazillian wax!
dwhp6 years ago
isthat supposed to be a candy thong?(creative,anyway)
kcli (author)  dwhp6 years ago
It's your fantasy...it can be whatever you want it to be. (According to Wikipedia the two terms are interchangable)