Converse All-Star Sandles





Introduction: Converse All-Star Sandles

This teaches you how to make a pair of chucks (or whatever shoe you have) into sandles.

Step 1: Outline the Shoe

On this step, your going to grab your shoe and plot imaginary lines where you want to cut. I recomend that you take a pic of your shoe and open it in a photo-editing program (I recomend GIMPshop!). outline the side, the back, and the tongue of the shoe.

Step 2: Choppin' Away!

Cut away starting from where I started in the pic to the back of the shoe. Leave the little rubber arch on the shoe still, that will keep your shoe from falling off when you walk around.

Step 3: If Its Not Clean,, Clean It!

This steps optional for the ppl that dont clean shoes all the time (like me!). Grab a file (or an industrial sander) and your shoe. This step takes a LLOONNGG time, thats why its optional. Just sand down all the dirty splotches on the rubber parts of your shoe until its at a clean state. The white shoe is before and the brown is after. My brown one was far worse since it had marker on it from friends signing it (dont ask why) and mud stains.

Step 4: Shoe Laces

Cut your shoe laces down to 20-21 inches. Sry i dont have pics of these!

Step 5: Stylin'

Start wearing your unique sandles in public!



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    How would you recommend lining the sides that you cut off so they won't start unraveling?

    Very cool indeed!!!

    GIMPshop is a repacked form of GIMP that adds adware when you install it. always get FOSS software from the source, in this case,

    Nice! I was also thinking that chucks would make pretty cool flip flops or berkinstocks out of converses. Great job!

    'it had marker on it from friends signing it (dont ask why) and mud stains." do I detect EmO?

    What does friends signing stuff, have to do with being emo?

    for real ha! i have all my stuff drawn on and it doesnt make one difference :P its just a fun inside joke with your friends. too bad being creative means being a stereotype.

    because being emo is hip, and signing shoes and t-shirts with sharpies is also hip.