Converse Nails





Introduction: Converse Nails

Step 1: Choose Five Bright Nail Polishes

Pick five random bright funky colours you want your nails to be.

Step 2: Paint Your First Nail

Use one colour to paint your thumb all over the nail. You may need to do two coats for a block colour.

Step 3: Paint the Tip of the Shoe

Making sure the nail has dried paint a white band at the tip of your nail for the front of the shoe.

Step 4: Paint on the Laces

Using a nailart pen or thin brush, paint white laces onto the nail in a zig zag. See picture

Step 5: Paint the Buttons

When the laces have dried, add black dots to the ends of the laces to make buttons. See picture.

Step 6: Add the Final Detail

Using a thin brush or nailart pen, do a smaller black band within the white band you have already done.

Step 7: Put on a Clear Coat

When the nail is dry, paint a clear coat over the top to make the pattern last longer.



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    Love these!

    OMG! SOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY ADORABLE AND ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I have GOT to try this! Keep up the work! On the thumbs you could even do the little All Star logo thing! ERM MER GERRRRRRR :D

    Love It! Planning on doing my daughter's nails like this

    Now do Doc Martins ^^

    What an amazing design. I grew up wearing Converse and Jack Purcell in the late 60's. The real test in your abilities is to show us your right hand nails. Thanks.

    So cute! I'm signing up my granddaughters. They will love this.

    What an awesome idea! Nice. :D

    Wonderful! I've always wanted to do my nails like this.... will have to try!

    This is awesome.