Picture of Converse Roller Blades
I had a pair of roller blades lying around which I never wore because they were not very attractive, so I decided to make them cool.
If you want to do the same, you will need:
  1. An old pair of roller blades
  2. White Acrylic paint
  3. Painters tape/ masking tape
  4. Silver & Black sharpies

Step 1: Step 1: Base color

Picture of Step 1: Base color
My roller blades happen to be all green, so to prep them, I cleaned, dried, and lightly sanded them. If yours are not solidly colored, you may want to paint them after prepping. (I used Acrylic paint and Sharpies for all of my detailing.)
Kiteman3 years ago
Haha, this is a great idea - when I saw the thumbnail, I thought you'd bolted wheels onto a real pair of Converse!
I did too!! I was like oh cooool!!! :D
alliehernandez (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
I take that as a huge compliment!
Please, do.
chuckyd3 years ago
Several thin coats are better than one thick coat. There's a label on every paint can that tells you that.
alliehernandez (author)  chuckyd3 years ago
VERY true! I am just not very patient.
Jayefuu3 years ago
Miss Cerqueira sent me to look :D Nice work!
aarghdanii3 years ago
i think i have to make an instructable on how we cut real shoes back in the day and attached them to our skates to get proper puffed look:)
ah memories:)
That's what I wanna know. :)
ilpug3 years ago
Swap in white laces and it would be great!
cerqueic3 years ago
I'd like to see some pictures of these in action.